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Vipshop Showcases “Online Outlet” Pavilion at CIIE, Releasing Its Global Buyer Manifesto

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vipshop Holdings Limited (NYSE: VIPS), a leading online discount retailer for brands in China (“Vipshop” or the “Company”) unveiled its “Online Outlet” immersive experience pavilion at the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), concurrently with the release of its Global Buyer Manifesto.

At the same time, Vipshop introduced the dedicated “CIIE on the Cloud” section within the Vipshop app, bringing together close to 100,000 top-quality items from international brands.

Vipshop's "Online Outlet" immersive experience pavilion
Vipshop’s “Online Outlet” immersive experience pavilion

Vipshop’s immersive CIIE experience: Simultaneous launch of offline and online pavilions

Occupying 300 square meters, the “Online Outlet” immersive experience pavilion in the Consumer Products Zone centers on themes of exquisite fashion, current trends, quality living, and environmental sustainability. The space offers a deep immersion into the brand’s discounted offerings, delivering a unique visiting experience to attendees.

During the CIIE, Vipshop launched the “CIIE on the Cloud” section within its app, collaborating with top international brands, including Crocs, Daniel Wellington, DKNY, GANT, Michael Kors, Neil Barrett, Pinko, Swisse, Tom Dixon, Clinique, Whoo, Elizabeth Arden and Make Up For Ever. The initiative brings together nearly 100,000 high-quality products across categories such as apparel, footwear, bags, sports and leisure, beauty, skincare, home appliances, and health care. The initiative is designed to offer users a broad selection of premium products at more competitive prices.

“To replicate the atmosphere of our physical pavilion for online users, we’ve duplicated its visual design in the digital realm,” a Vipshop spokesperson explained. “With the launch of ‘CIIE on the Cloud’ within the app, we seek to present a fresh perspective on quality living, enabling consumers to experience the finest aspects of an international lifestyle without leaving their homes.”

Vipshop’s global buyers: Key players in elevating the consumer market 

At this year’s CIIE, Vipshop unveiled the first edition of the Global Buyer Manifesto, highlighting the purchasing teams’ commitment to core principles like focusing on sourcing top-quality products, meticulously selecting brands, maintaining strict quality standards, and offering competitive pricing to ensure a worry-free shopping experience to users; collaborating with brands to provide great deals; encouraging eco-friendly consumer behavior by advocating environmental protection and sustainable practices.

A representative of Vipshop's buyer communicated with consumers at the 6th CIIE
A representative of Vipshop’s buyer communicated with consumers at the 6th CIIE

Vipshop’s team includes over 1,000 professional buyers worldwide. The Company has set up offices in several countries and regions, including France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and the US.

Through a comprehensive professional training and management system, Vipshop’s buyers carefully handpick global brands, identifying the most cost-effective, superior quality products for consumers. They also stay attuned to the latest industry and fashion trends. At the same time, the buyers maintain strong partnerships with global brands to introduce distinctive goods. Leveraging the buyers’ capabilities, the Company is able to secure diverse product offerings that meet consumers’ changing and personalized preferences.

A senior executive at Vipshop shared that the Company’s participation in CIIE is focused on expanding its network of brand partners, exploring new business opportunities, and enhancing its market competitiveness. “In light of the significant integration of international and domestic markets, we aim to enhance Vipshop’s role as an ‘online outlet’ platform. By teaming up with global partners, we are dedicated to providing users with superior goods and services,” the executive elaborated.