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XCharge’s Battery-Integrated EV Charger Net Zero Series Makes Debut in Japan

OSAKA, Japan, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCharge Group, an industry-leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solution provider headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, proudly announced the introduction of the 210kW Battery-Integrated DC Charger, Net Zero Series (NZS), in partnership with BYD at the 2023 Smart Energy Week in Osaka, Japan. This exhibition marked the inaugural presentation of NZS in the Japanese market, underscoring XCharge Group’s commitment to advancing green energy and zero-carbon transportation on a global scale.

XCharge's Net Zero Series at Smart Energy Week in Osaka, Japan
XCharge’s Net Zero Series at Smart Energy Week in Osaka, Japan

NZS EV Charging solution – More Power with Less Grid Input

The showcased NZS delivers a potent and convenient EV charging capability. The NZS can distribute a high-power output of 210kW while requiring only 30-60 kW input. The easy deployment feature makes NZS a perfect suit for locations where the grid cannot be extended for high-power chargers, such as construction sites, supermarket parking lots, and commercial offices. The battery can be charged during low utility price periods and then discharged during price peaks to reduce EV charging costs. The bi-directional EV charger also serves as a non-stop power backup for the buildings in power outages.

As XCharge’s latest and most innovative product, the NZS has joined forces with global partners. NZS deployments continue to grow in the Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific areas. Early in 2023, NZS was successfully launched in Spain in joint efforts with EDP, one of the biggest players in Iberia within the e-mobility ecosystem.

Innovation Tailored for the Japanese Market

As Japan embraces green energy and electric vehicles, the introduction of the NZS could be a good fit for the specific sustainable demands of the Japanese market.

Unexpected power outages and price fluctuations can be practical challenges for charging infrastructure operators. In such case, NZS can serve as a backup power reserve. It can even work off-grid in case of an emergent outage. At locations where power input is limited while demand for fast charging is high, the NZS also can work steadily at only 30-60kW input, helping to bolster grid stability.

In recent years, Japan has undergone several power-saving periods. Households and industries around Tokyo were called to save electricity during peak seasons. In response to the power demand and shortage, the NZS offers solutions including B2G (Battery-to-Grid) and V2G(Vehicle-to-Grid), transforming the concept of a net-zero future into a tangible reality. Moreover, the NZS with photovoltaics function can integrate solar energy into the EV charging process, further expanding local renewable energy capacity.

Strategic Partnership for the E-Mobility Era

XCharge Group and BYD are strategic partners for their bidirectional battery-integrated DC charger products. The debut in the Japanese market demonstrated the partners’ joint dedication to delivering solutions that enhance the convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness of electric mobility across the world.

Simon Hou, CEO of XCharge Group, commented, “We are enthusiastic about introducing this cutting-edge product to the Japanese market in collaboration with BYD. Net Zero Series represents a significant step forward in XCharge Group’s ongoing mission to advance the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.”

About XCharge Group

Founded in 2015, XCharge Group is a global pioneer in battery-integrated charging solutions. Its solutions have been deployed in over 25 countries and areas. With a strong focus on technology and product innovation, the company aims to make charging infrastructures more sustainable and more investable.