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XCMG Machinery’s Customized Cranes Tackle Extreme Conditions in Australian Mining Operations

KARRATHA, Australia, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Machinery introduces a customized series of all-terrain cranes, specifically designed for the challenging conditions of Australia’s mining regions. These cranes are now operating round the clock throughout the expansive Pilbara mining area. Each model meets Australia’s national and mine safety standards with lifting capacities range from 40 to 300 tons, boasts high-temperature resistance and superior environmental adaptability, making it well-suited for the region’s demanding conditions.

XCMG cranes deliver excellence through challenging mining work in Australia
XCMG cranes deliver excellence through challenging mining work in Australia

The customized all-terrain crane series from XCMG Machinery features a chassis equipped with a high-power engine compliant with EU emission standards, 20.5-inch wide tires, and an intelligent driving system that includes axle load monitoring. These robust configurations enable the cranes to move between job sites without removing any of its counterweights, ensuring outstanding manoeuvrability. Furthermore, the cranes boast a spacious operator’s cab with an integrated human-machine interaction system, high-capacity load-bearing telescopic technology, and an intelligent boom system, all of which contribute to superior adaptability in diverse working conditions and add convenience for the operator.

Customization for Lifting Conditions

Wind speed is a critical factor in the safety of crane operations, requiring greater reliability from these machines. An Australian client has specified that the cranes be capable of performing lifting tasks in high-wind conditions typically encountered in harbours, presenting a significant challenge for the machine’s slewing system and manoeuvrability. This requirement has also introduced new challenges for the product design team.

In response, XCMG dispatched its R&D and service teams to the site to conduct an in-depth analysis of the crane’s working conditions under the harbours’ challenging maritime environments. Following extensive testing and adjustments on the testing ground, the R&D team successfully developed an innovative slewing system, ensuring the crane can now safely and effectively operate within a higher wind threshold.

Environmental Adaptation Customization

The Australian mining region experiences temperatures above 30°C year-round, with extreme temperatures occasionally surpassing the 50°C mark. The area’s intense ultraviolet (UV) radiation significantly impacts the longevity of crane equipment.

After a comprehensive investigation of the environmental conditions in which the products are used, XCMG’s R&D team adopted the high-temperature technology deployed in the Middle Eastern models to upgrade the hydraulic cooling system in the Australian units. Using simulations, extensive testing and validation at the manufacturing facility, the team has developed a highly adaptable hydraulic cooling system specifically engineered for the harsh Australian mining environment.

Customized Service Assurance

Mining operations in Australia demand products with exceptional reliability and the ability to function continuously, 24/7. To fulfil these requirements, XCMG has formed a local service team and permanently stationed its R&D and service personnel in the country long-term. These dedicated teams work in close collaboration with users to efficiently address issues that arise during product operation and to meet customers’ expectations for enhanced adaptability.

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