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Xinhua Silk Road: State Grid Yantai Power Supply Co. takes multiple measures to power up rural revitalization

BEIJING, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company has carried out a series of measures to promote the power transformation of rural planting industries in an attempt to help boost farmers’ incomes and promote rural revitalization.

As the major apple production base in China, Qixia under Yantai City, east China’s Shandong Province, has an apple-planting area of nearly 1 million mu (66,666.7 hectares) and an annual apple output of more than 2.1 million tonnes. Apple-planting industry is a major industry in Qixia to boost local incomes.

To help farmers reduce apple-planting irrigation costs and improve irrigation efficiency, the State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company electrified more than 6,900 pumping wells in Qixia, and meanwhile conducted regular inspection to guarantee safe power supply.

Besides,the company optimized the business environment of power supply in Guojiadian Township of Laizhou City which is also characterized by the apple-planting industry.

To meet the electricity demands of farmers and enterprises in Guojiadian, the State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company established “one-to-one” customer files and opened a green power service channel in a bid to ensure reliable power supply for apple refrigeration, packaging and processing.

In recent years, the company has beefed up efforts to empower the electrification transformation of rural planting industries and advance the development of green agriculture in a bid to make greater contributions to rural revitalization.

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