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ARTERY AT32F405-based HS USB Drives E-sports Keyboards, Mouse

HSINCHU, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taking the world by storm, E-sports industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. According to statistics, the number of global E-sports players has reached more than 500 million as of 2022, with the market share worth of 1.3 billion dollars. Such growth momentum is attributed to the technological advancements, particularly the high-speed USB interface technology – one of the key components in USB application solutions.

E-sports gaming is characterized by the real-time transmission of huge amount of data at higher speed. As a result, it has higher requirements in relevant devices such as keyboards, mouse and screen displays, in terms of their response speed and convenient operations, enabling players to issue commands accurately and very quickly in order to gain an edge. To make it happen, E-sports devices should be equipped with fast and efficient capacity of data transmission so as to avoid any delay while playing games. Against this backdrop, high-speed USB interface, which is known for easy-to-use, versatility and fast data processing capability, has been widely used in keyboards and mouse. Thanks to this high-speed interface, connection between devices is being made more convenient, keyboard response faster, and customer experience significantly improved.

As a core control unit in USB applications, the microcontroller (also known as MCU) is tasked with coordinating and managing operations of various devices such as keyboards, USB interfaces and peripherals. It is responsible for data transmission and signal processing between keyboards, mouse and computer, with the aim of ensuring a fast and reliable operations of products. In this regard, ARTERY’s product AT32F405 series is emerging as a best choice for E-sports application solutions. The AT32F405 series comes with a high-speed USB 2.0 OTG which is capable of achieving as high as 8K report rate, in wired or wireless networks. Keyboards/mouse can be connected to a computer in three modes — USB+BLE+2.4G — through an external RF.

AT32F405-powered keyboard and mouse solution

The AT32F405 series integrates HS USB OTG (embedded PHY) and FS USB OTG. Data rate in HS USB 2.0 can reach up to 480Mbps, which will significantly enhance keyboards and mouse’s response speed and precision, securing more time for players to maintain competitiveness in E-sports game due to lower delay feature. Additionally, the built-in high-speed USB interface supports multi-channel data transfer, making it be able to handle requests from several devices simultaneously and ensure robust connection between keyboards, mouse and computer.

As we know, to stand out amid fierce gaming arena, keyboards and mouse in the E-sports gaming require powerful use-defined functions to meet diverse needs of gamers. ARTERY’s AT32F405 series incorporates rich peripherals, 1x QSPI, 1x CAN, 8x UARTs, 3x SPIs/I²Ss and 1x separate full-duplex I²S, 3x I²Cs, 1x 16-bit advanced timer, 7x 16-bit general-purpose timers, 1x 32-bit general-purpose timer, 2x 16-bit basic timers, 1x 12-bit 16-channel high-speed 2 Msps ADC. A rich selection of interfaces has not only added to the flexible design and application development of E-sports keyboards and mouse, but also brought better user experience.

The AT32F405 device is connected to external memories, sensors and other components via SPI interface (communicating at up to 36 Mbit/s), allowing for flexible control over RF wireless module of keyboards and mouse. In addition, the AT32F405 series embeds a PHY to reduce the cost of periphery circuit. This device offers the minimum package of 4 x 4mm which is particularly suitable for small-size wireless USB Dongle.

AT32 HS USB Application in E-sports
AT32 HS USB Application in E-sports

Keyboards and mouse in the E-sports game use multi-channel PWM signals to gain control over lights and multimedia. The AT32F405 series optimizes PWM frequency and duty cycles, as well as powerful multi-channel processing capabilities, bringing about excellent lighting effects and immersive experience for users.

Meanwhile, AT32F405 series is based on ARM® Cortex®-M4 core operating at a frequency of up to 216 MHz. It features a single-precision floating point unit (FPU), digital signal processor (DSP) and powerful computing power. The AT32F405 device can work with an advanced DPI optical sensor capturing nuanced movements of mouse, efficiently processing data from mouse optical sensors to ensure quick and precise movement and positioning while at the same time increasing mouse’s response speed.