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BingX Launches Global Broker Program to Boost Trading Ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BingX, a global leading crypto exchange, launches its latest initiative BingX Global Broker Program, aiming to enhance and diversify service offerings within the dynamic blockchain industry.

BingX Launches Global Broker Program to Boost Trading Ecosystem
BingX Launches Global Broker Program to Boost Trading Ecosystem

Open to cryptocurrency brokers globally, the program offers the chance to earn commissions through trading on BingX’s Perpetual Futures and Spot markets. Brokers participating in the program will see rewards structure based on their trading volume and fees generated on BingX, with additional bonuses for successful referrals who complete the broker onboarding process.

Brokers involved in the BingX Broker Program will enjoy several advantages, including up to 55% in trading commissions, daily settlements, and other financial incentives. BingX also offers specialized API support tailored to individual needs, including rate limits and other exclusive services. Additionally, the company provides round-the-clock support, ensuring brokers have continuous assistance for any queries or technical guidance. Furthermore, brokers can receive support for personalized marketing plans.

Vivien Lin, the Chief Product Officer at BingX, commented on the program, “The broker program is expected to not only foster collaboration within the industry but also enhance our users’ experience with a wider array of high-quality services. We’re excited to join forces with partners who share our vision, creating a diverse and dynamic trading environment for our global users.”

To date, BingX has already established partnerships with over 50 brokers, marking the Global Broker Program as a critical step in expanding BingX’s service scope. As the industry continues to grow, BingX is committed to nurturing partnerships and spearheading innovation in crypto space.

About BingX
Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading crypto exchange, serving over 5 million users worldwide. BingX offers diversified products and services, including spot, derivatives, copy trading, and asset management – all designed for the evolving needs of users, from beginners to professionals. BingX is committed to providing a trustworthy platform that empowers users with innovative tools and features to elevate their trading proficiency.