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Bolt+ and Bloomberg Media announce Global Partnership

Using the innovative Bolt+ platform to bring Bloomberg content with new audience rewards and engagement features to 8 million smart TVs globally

LONDON, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bolt+, an innovative pioneer in the social TV and live-streaming landscape, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bloomberg Media, the global business and financial news leader. This global collaboration is redefining the consumption of news and thought leadership content on a global scale.

Bolt+ is distinguished by its ability to overlay a wide variety of dynamic, user-generated, and helpful information on any live stream worldwide. This includes integration with payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Binance Pay. This facilitates a variety of experiences for creators and broadcasters to unlock new paid experiences for their live streams and replays, or to accept tips/donations for their content. These features enable content entrepreneurs to seamlessly build deeper relationships with their audience communities.

Bolt+ is currently available on web (via and has significantly expanded its global reach to the Bolt+ TV app on 8 million TVs, which includes Hisense TVs and 180 additional smart TV brands via the VIDAA operating system. 

As part of this dynamic partnership, Bloomberg Media will launch two live channels on the Bolt+ platform globally; Bloomberg TV+ and Bloomberg Originals.

Bloomberg TV+ will provide viewers with a non-stop feed of breaking news from markets around the world, offering real-time updates and insights.

Bloomberg Originals will focus on delivering cutting-edge thought leadership content, spanning critical topics such as climate change, AI and new technological frontiers. 

As part of the partnership, Bolt+ and Bloomberg Media are introducing an interactive ecosystem of audience rewards, encouraging viewers to engage with the Bloomberg channels. Utilising BoltChain, an Ethereum smart contract compatible blockchain, viewers can now earn rewards for their engagement, participation, and completion of various milestones through Bloomberg’s channels on the Bolt+ platform. Thanks to Bloomberg’s adoption of Bolt+, this will represent a transformative approach to content consumption and viewer interaction, turning passive watching into an interactive, rewarding experience. 

“The partnership with Bolt+ marks a significant milestone in our mission to bring high-quality, reliable news to viewers worldwide,” says Sophia Yuen, Head of Video and Audio at Bloomberg. “Through the innovative features on Bolt+ and BoltChain, we’re not just sharing content. We’re directly engaging with our audience in a way that’s both meaningful and rewarding. This partnership represents a leap forward in news dissemination and audience engagement.”

In an exciting development, Bolt+ is also integrating AI and machine learning to provide enhanced viewer interaction. This includes multi-lingual audio-to-text features, and a chatbot (BoltGPT) which offers additional information about the live stream, creating a more immersive and informative viewing experience. 

Jamal Hassim, Co-Founder and CEO of Bolt+, commented, “This partnership with Bloomberg symbolises not just the coming together of two leaders in their fields, but also a shared vision of transforming the way people consume news and engage with live streams globally. By combining Bloomberg’s highly respected content with our innovative technology and rewards system, we’re creating a new paradigm for news consumption and interaction on smart TVs across the globe. Our platform’s innovative features, like dynamic overlays and AI-driven engagement, set us apart in the live-streaming domain.” 

About Bolt+ 

Established in 2018 and headquartered in London, UK, Bolt+ stands at the forefront of dynamic social TV and live-streaming ecosystems. As the fastest-growing social entertainment ecosystem, Bolt+ is now focused on empowering users through BoltChain, allowing them to launch social streaming platforms and create economies within live streams. This includes a new system of community governance and an Ethereum-compatible protocol, ensuring Bolt and Plus tokens are at the core of the BoltOS ecosystem with innovative utility. This transformative approach not only redefines viewer engagement but also sets new standards for content commercialisation.

With a global workforce driving its innovation, Bolt+ delivers 7.2 million minutes of live streams every day. A thriving global community of content creators amplifies the platform’s variety of content by also creating gaming, music and podcast live streams, which contributes to a powerful layer of interactivity, community, and excitement on Bolt+. Through partnerships with Hisense, Bloomberg, One Football, and other major players in the entertainment and gaming space, Bolt+ delivers diverse content including news, sports, gaming and lifestyle streams from around the world, ensuring a rich and engaging experience for everyone. 

About Bloomberg Media

Bloomberg Media is the world’s leading multi-platform media company for business and finance, which draws on the editorial resources of more than 2,700 editorial professionals globally in more than 120 countries. Bloomberg Media is the consumer-facing media organization of Bloomberg L.P.

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