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Building Resilient Communities: SellOn Launches ‘Club’ for Enhanced Collaboration

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SellOn, a Web3-based digital community platform with a concept of hyperlocalism and reward system, officially announces its latest feature, “Club”. Launched in December, this innovative feature is designed to serve as a collaborative hub for communities across Indonesia, fostering interactive engagement, and offering enticing rewards for communities actively expanding and participating.

(Jakarta, 12/21) With SellOn app’s newest ‘Club’ feature, users can explore local communities, collaborate to foster positive impact, and stand a chance to win appealing prizes.
(Jakarta, 12/21) With SellOn app’s newest ‘Club’ feature, users can explore local communities, collaborate to foster positive impact, and stand a chance to win appealing prizes.

‘Club’ by SellOn’s: Tackling Issues Faced by Communities

Communities, as avenues for networking and sharing information among individuals unified by common interests, visions, or goals, often encounter obstacles in expanding their outreach and impact. Such challenges include limited funding, low adoption of digital technology, and lackluster member participation. SellOn steps in to address these pain points by providing a user-friendly digital platform to empower communities to organize, thrive, and gain strength. Equipped with multiple engaging elements – Sekitar for community insights, Buy & Sell marketplace, Games, and a Points & Rewards system – the SellOn app empowers community building. With the introduction of the cutting-edge Club feature, SellOn further champions the empowerment and growth of communities in Indonesia, imbuing them to gain dynamism and resilience for enduring success.

John Kim, COO of SellOn, expressed “We acknowledge the immense potential for communities throughout Indonesia to thrive and enrich their members’ lives. SellOn aims to nurture connected, compassionate, and open-minded communities. The Club feature offers a limitless space for communities to organize, manage, and cultivate themselves. We aspire for it to galvanize growth and participation within communities, allowing them to blossom into robust entities that create wide-reaching, constructive change.”

The Club feature empowers communities with versatile perks tailored to users’ needs, ranging from unlimited membership to propelling collaborative visions and enhancing project management efficiency. Within the app, members enjoy the flexibility to upload and share a variety of content, including posts, comments, messages, images, and videos, with unlimited storage for additional media and documents. Furthermore, users can earn points by completing daily missions, such as sharing interesting information and other interactions (e.g., liking or commenting on posts), as well as playing entertaining games within the SellOn app. These accumulated points can subsequently be redeemed for mobile credit and other appealing rewards.

Moreover, robust security and privacy customizations offer users reassurance. Community leaders or organizers maintain granular control over sensitive information and other aspects. Interactive invitations through links, codes, and barcodes further streamline the process, making it easier for communities to connect with a broader audience.

SellOn thrives on constantly advancing and enriching the app to align with the evolving needs of communities. In the future, more captivating functionalities will be introduced in the Club, such as polling, split bills, event calendars, and more,” added Kim.

Join SellOn and Win Prizes for Your Community!

Starting December 11th, 2023, SellOn offers communities in Indonesia actively utilizing the Club feature an opportunity to win prizes up to 3 million rupiahs (~USD $186). Qualifying communities or groups, vetted based on their vibrancy and growth, will receive direct notification of prize eligibility from SellOn‘s team via the appointed Club leader.

Be part of our Club communities! Download SellOn on Google Play Store and App Store and seize the chance to win fantastic prizes! Explore more details at

About SellOn

Sellon is a hyperlocal community service and online marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers to sell and buy secondhand or new goods. Community members can share helpful information, such as local businesses and public facilities, or host meetings with common interests. SellOn believes that bringing neighbors together can create a better social community where everyone has an environment they can trust and rely on.

Unlike the existing social media and marketplace apps, by embracing Web 3, SellOn rewards users’ contributions that keep the community alive through its token system. Currently, there are more than 342 thousand SellOn app users spread across Indonesia and Singapore.