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Carrieverse and Bybit enter into a strategic partnership

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Carrieverse Co., Ltd., developer of the Web3 gaming platform ‘Cling’ and the issuer of the virtual asset $CVTX, has entered into a strategic partnership with the global virtual asset exchange Bybit. Through the partnership, Carrieverse will become an ecosystem partner of Bybit, and through Bybit’s full support and cooperation, it will carry out comprehensive marketing and Web3 business activities.

Bybit, established in 2018, is a Singapore-based virtual asset exchange with over 1.5 million users worldwide. According to CoinMarketCap, a virtual asset market broadcasting site, it is a major exchange fluctuating between 2nd and 4th place based on trading volume.

This partnership is the first achievement following last week’s entry into the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) by Carrieverse. In June, Bybit and DMCC signed an ecosystem partnership and agreed to sponsor 15 new Web3 and crypto projects. Bybit has also committed to provide various advisory and active support for member companies in the DMCC Crypto Centre as its ecosystem partner.

Although many Web3 and crypto projects from around the world have applied to DMCC, the Carrieverse project was selected as a beneficiary after a stringent review process. DMCC Crypto Centre commented that Carrieverse’s completeness and marketing strategies received good scores during the review process, highly evaluating Carrieverse. With this active support from DMCC, Carrieverse was able to establish a high-level partnership with Bybit. Carrieverse plans to expand the global Web3 ecosystem through continuous major partnerships, unfolding a triangular strategy linking Carrieverse, Bybit, and DMCC.

Both parties plan to carry out close marketing collaborations through this partnership. In particular, Leila Mcharek, Vice President of Global Business and Strategic Partnerships at Bybit, emphasized that Bybit will focus on creating a suitable environment for Carrieverse to become a spotlight project of Bybit, stating, “Our collaboration with Carrieverse will elevate our blockchain platform to a new dimension. We will also provide thorough support for Carrieverse to expand its global ecosystem.” 

Details of the partnership can be found through Carrieverse’ official community and Bybit’s website.

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