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CES 2024: ESR to Unveil Its Latest Innovative Charging Solutions, Plus Apple and Galaxy Accessories

ESR will be at both CES and Pepcom, showing how its 2024 lineup is here to unleash the full power of MagSafe

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ESR, a leading brand in tech accessories, will be debuting its new collection of chargers for MagSafe, as well as its latest Galaxy S24 and Apple accessories, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas. The brand is welcoming in the New Year with a lineup of innovative tech solutions that are the latest additions to its catalog of accessories that make mobile tech easier to use.

CES 2024: ESR to Unveil Its Latest Innovative Charging Solutions, Plus Apple and Galaxy Accessories
CES 2024: ESR to Unveil Its Latest Innovative Charging Solutions, Plus Apple and Galaxy Accessories

Unleash the Full Power of MagSafe

A top-selling brand of MagSafe accessories on Amazon, ESR takes charging to the next level by providing an innovative range of solutions that do more than just charge. Their range of multi-device chargers combines the convenience of MagSafe charging with power for other everyday-use Apple devices. Its latest innovative offering, the 100W 6-in-1 Charging Station with MagSafe + CryoBoost delivers all-in-one-place fast charging for Apple users and all their everyday devices. It’s just been made available on Amazon after successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Fully Apple certified, it features 15W Made for MagSafe fast charging for iPhone, 5W fast charging that’s Made for Apple Watch, and wireless charging for AirPods. The charging station is powered by cutting-edge GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology to deliver faster, more efficient charging in a compact package. This enables 100W single-port USB-C fast charging, while the station’s smart power distribution technology automatically adjusts power allocation based on the type and number of devices connected.

One of its key advantages is ESR’s patented CryoBoost technology. CryoBoost addresses wireless charging’s biggest problem: heat. By creating a constant flow of cooling air over a phone while it charges and utilizing first-of-their-kind heat-dissipating components, CryoBoost enables the fastest charging speeds while protecting phone batteries from heat degradation. ESR has two other MagSafe + CryoBoost chargers: 25W 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost is another Apple-certified multi-device charger, while the 15W Car Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost brings the fastest MagSafe charging to the road.

Level Up Your Protection for Apple and Galaxy

When it comes to protection, ESR has a range of cases that combine rugged protection with powerful functionality to keep Apple and Android users’ favorite devices safe while upgrading their everyday experience with their tech. The patented Classic Hybrid Case with Stash Stand (HaloLock) for iPhone 15 series enables simultaneous MagSafe charging and hands-free viewing anytime and anywhere. It’s also certified to provide military-grade protection, ensuring powerful defense against drops and bumps. The Red Dot award-winning iPad Shift Magnetic Case upgrades users’ iPad experience with its magnetic cover and detachable back case that unlock six unique use modes for watching, FaceTiming, gaming, and more. For AirPods, the Pulse Magnetic Lock Case is MagSafe compatible and features a magnetic lid lock that prevents the AirPods charging case from popping open at the wrong time, ensuring their earbuds stay safe and secure.

Fresh off revolutionizing MagSafe charging with CryoBoost, ESR is once again on the cutting-edge of charging tech and will be debuting its range of new Qi2 Chargers at CES 2024. The new chargers give users versatile ways to stay powered whether they’re at home, at work, in the car, or on the go. In addition to MagSafe accessories for iPhone, ESR will also show off their brand-new line of Samsung Galaxy S24 accessories at CES.

ESR will be at Pepcom at 7 p.m.–10:30 p.m. PST on January 8th and at Booth 50759 in the Venetian Expo from January 9th–12th. More of ESR’s innovative products can be explored on Amazon or on ESR’s official site.

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