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China Mobile Hong Kong Unveils Free NFT Marketplace “LinkNFT” and Introduces Metaverse Virtual Metropolis in Hong Kong

Fostering Web3.0 Ecosystem with Various Sectors

HONG KONG, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — China Mobile Hong Kong (“CMHK” or “the Company”) officially announces the launch of LinkNFT, a free marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), making it the first telecommunications company in Hong Kong to introduce an NFT marketplace. This announcement comes as CMHK’s all-encompassing smart living mobile application, MyLink, surpasses the milestone of 7 million users. Building upon the successful launch of MyLink’s metaverse digital space last year, a comprehensive upgrade has been implemented to transform the space into a 3D metaverse virtual city with Hong Kong as its prototype. The upgraded platform seamlessly connects real-world commercial services, creating a “Digital Hong Kong” that integrates the virtual and physical realms. By providing a user-friendly experience of the next-generation Internet under Web3.0, CMHK hopes to support Hong Kong in constructing a new digital economy and society, accelerating its transition into the Web3.0 era.

Mr. Harley Tan, Executive Director of CMHK MyLink, Unveils "LinkNFT" in an event
Mr. Harley Tan, Executive Director of CMHK MyLink, Unveils “LinkNFT” in an event

A Multi-Chain Compatible NFT Marketplace that Enables the Circulation of Digital Asset Value

LinkNFT offers enterprise-level NFT minting services for digital assets, facilitating the generation, trading, and circulation of digital assets across various domains like SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi. Currently, LinkNFT has integrated with CMChain, utilizing the CMChain Web3.0 Center cross-chain service protocol, cross-chain adapters, and cross-chain smart contracts to ensure seamless compatibility with blockchains by the Institute of Web3.0 Hong Kong. Hong Kong citizens can effortlessly access their individual digital assets, including Ethereum-based assets like OpenSea, through the dedicated digital wallet called LinKey, provided within the MyLink platform.

Launching Limited Edition NFTs with Cross-sector Institutions to Enrich the NFT Marketplace Experience

In a collaborative effort with diverse sectors of society, CMHK and partners have joined forces to release over 30 exclusive NFTs on the LinkNFT platform. This remarkable collection encompasses 20 exquisite NFTs from the MyLink ArLink series and an additional selection of 15 NFTs from Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited and MiGu Music Co., Ltd. Anticipated to exceed a circulation of 500,000 units, these NFTs offer not only collectible value but also a range of unique privileges, promising an unparalleled Web3.0 experience for the entire Hong Kong community.

Metaverse Digital Space Upgraded into a Web3.0 Digital Community for Hong Kong Citizens

MyLink’s metaverse digital space has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, offering a fully immersive 3D experience. It provides every citizen of Hong Kong with their own dedicated digital residence and allows them to enter the virtual city of Hong Kong. Within this virtual realm, users can engage in activities such as online shopping, virtual tours of shopping malls, exhibition halls, event venues, and more. Additionally, each citizen has the opportunity to transform their Meta ID into an NFT, creating a unique identity that enables them to purchase, interact with friends, and even gift NFTs. This ground-breaking development establishes a vibrant digital community, paving the way for new possibilities in Web3.0 applications.

Mr. Harley Tan, Executive Director of CMHK MyLink, said, “The application of Web3.0 is undergoing a transformative phase, moving from Dapp to the convergence of virtual and physical realms. Currently, MyLink is actively expanding the implementation of Web3.0 applications, aiming to create a unified digital identity for all citizens of Hong Kong. This initiative empowers individuals to secure the value of their personal data. Through various decentralized application scenarios, we assist Hong Kong businesses in digitalizing their assets and facilitating the circulation of their data value. Collaborating with different sectors, we are building a cooperative ecosystem for Web3.0, and ultimately realizing a digitally enriched lifestyle in Hong Kong’s Web3.0 era.”

Drive the Development of Hong Kong’s Web3.0 Ecosystem and Pioneer New Business Models

As one of Hong Kong’s leading mobile communication brands, CMHK has consistently upheld its vision of becoming a first-class service provider in the development of digitalized and intelligent Hong Kong and achieved significant accomplishments in the realm of Hong Kong’s 5G development.

Building upon the Web3.0 framework, MyLink has introduced LinkNFT, opening up new avenues for business models centered around data elements within the Hong Kong business community. By leveraging the power of NFTs, enterprises can now offer users unique and compelling consumption benefits. Simultaneously, users themselves can experience the value of collecting and trading NFTs, as data assets emerge as crucial commodities in the future. This shift in focus towards data-driven assets is paving the way for innovative business formats with immense commercial potential.

Looking ahead, CMHK will continue to collaborate with other members of the Web3.0 association to establish industry standards, create a secure and compliant Web3.0 ecosystem aligned with Hong Kong’s future development interests, expedite the progress of Hong Kong’s smart city initiatives, and explore boundless opportunities in the realm of innovation and technology.

About China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (“CMHK”) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited (HKEx: 941), which is listed on the Fortune Global 500. CMHK was incepted in January 1997 and was the first mobile network operator to launch PCS services in Hong Kong.

As the world’s leading mobile network brand with the largest customer base*, The Company offers innovative and comprehensive communications services, including voice, data, IDD and international roaming through 5G, 4G LTE and 3GHSPA and other technologies. The Company is committed to the development of 5G with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing and big data, integrating 5G applications in different industries, promoting the construction and development of smart city groups in Greater Bay Area.

* China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited. As of 31 December 2022, China Mobile Limited had the largest number of mobile network subscribers in the world.