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ChuanQi IP Launches Teaser Site for

  • Blockchain-Based AFK RPG, the Third Title in the ‘MIR2M’ Series
  • Party up to 5 Characters for Simultaneous Growth, Hidden Jobs Unveiled upon Reaching Certain Levels
  • Various Details, Including Pre-Registration Event, to be Revealed Soon

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ChuanQi IP, a subsidiary of Wemade (CEO Henry Chang), has officially launched the teaser site for its upcoming blockchain-based AFK RPG, <MIR2M : The Grandmaster>, today on the 11th.

MIR2M : The Grandmaster
MIR2M : The Grandmaster

<MIR2M : The Grandmaster> is the third title in the ‘MIR2M’ series. It continues the narrative from ‘MIR2’, unfolding a story on the ‘Central Continent,’ which lies on the opposite side of the ‘Bicheon’ homeland in the world of MIR.

Players can form a party of up to five characters from diverse classes such as warrior, mage, and taoist, enabling simultaneous character growth. Upon reaching specific levels with all five characters, the hidden class ‘Shadow Master’ will be unlocked, allowing class transfer.

ChuanQi IP is set to launch a pre-registration event, with detailed schedules and participation benefits to be announced soon.

More information about the game will be revealed on the official website and WEMIX PLAY.

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