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CoinEx Celebrates Blockchain Innovation as Silver Sponsor at 2023 Taipei Blockchain Week and Offers Exclusive Rewards

TAIPEI, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its diverse trading services, is excited to announce its silver sponsorship of Taipei Blockchain Week, taking place from December 14th to 16th. This sponsorship marks the exchange’s ongoing support for collaborative innovation and growth within the blockchain sector.

Taipei Blockchain Week serves as a premier gathering for industry pioneers to share insights, explore new trends, and strengthen the community shaping decentralized technology’s future. CoinEx is poised to contribute to this vibrant assembly by offering engaging and interactive experiences for all attendees.

In a creative showcase of its user-focused ethos, CoinEx is hosting an ice cream booth at the event. This initiative offers a fun and approachable way for participants to learn about the exchange’s offerings while enjoying a refreshing treat. The booth reflects CoinEx’s commitment to simplifying the complexities of cryptocurrency trading, making it as accessible and enjoyable as possible for a diverse audience.

Further enhancing the event, CoinEx is set to offer a unique reward mechanism for event-goers. New users who sign up for CoinEx during Taipei Blockchain Week have the opportunity to receive CET tokens dispensed through a specially prepared gacha machine—a fun and interactive method to distribute rewards. These CET tokens, integral to the CoinEx ecosystem, offer benefits such as trading fee discounts and serve as a warm welcome to the platform, providing both utility and a starting advantage for trading on CoinEx.

As part of its strategy to encourage broader blockchain adoption and illustrate a commitment to the community, CoinEx views Taipei Blockchain Week as a prime setting for showcasing its user-centric philosophy. The event presents a perfect opportunity for networking, innovation sharing, and experiencing the CoinEx platform’s value proposition.

CoinEx is eager to interact with attendees, share insights into its comprehensive crypto services, and demonstrate the platform’s value at Taipei Blockchain Week. The event is an excellent occasion for networking, discovering new blockchain solutions, and directly experiencing what CoinEx has to offer the community.

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About CoinEx

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange committed to making trading easier. The platform provides a range of services, including spot and margin trading, futures, swaps, automated market maker (AMM), and financial management services for over 5 million users across 200+ countries and regions. Since its establishment, CoinEx has steadfastly adhered to a “user-first” service principle. With the sincere intention of nurturing an equitable, respectful, and secure crypto trading environment, CoinEx enables users to effortlessly access the world of cryptocurrency by offering easy-to-use products and services.