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DEEPX Making High-Performance, Low-Power AI Servers A Reality with DX-H1 Launch at CES 2024

The award-winning AI booster achieves over 10 times power-to-performance efficiency compared to GPUs

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DEEPX (CEO, Lokwon Kim), an original AI semiconductor technology company, is set to make waves at CES 2024 by introducing the DX-H1 — a cutting-edge PCIe card designed to accelerate AI server performance while reducing energy consumption. Honored with the CES 2024 Innovation Award in the Computer Hardware and Components category, DX-H1 is widely anticipated to attract significant attention as it leaves a notable impact on the high-performance AI server market during this global launch.

DEEPX Making High-Performance, Low-Power AI Servers A Reality with DX-H1 Launch at CES 2024
DEEPX Making High-Performance, Low-Power AI Servers A Reality with DX-H1 Launch at CES 2024

To explore DX-H1’s industry-leading power-to-performance efficiency, join DEEPX at Booth #8953, North Hall during CES 2024.

Smart Sustainability: Driving AI Performance with a Green Vision

As an advanced AI inferential solution, DEEPX’s DX-H1 prioritizes performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The AI booster earned the CES 2024 Innovation Award for two key reasons:

  • Its reception as the most innovative product in computer systems, including desktops, laptops, and the broader AI ecosystem, poised to usher in an era of flourishing AI solutions
  • Exceptional power-to-performance efficiency that surpasses current GPU-based solutions by more than 10 times, enabling it to play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions for AI servers and data centers

Additionally, DX-H1 shares this prestigious award with co-winners from top global industry leaders.

The AI server market relies on power-intensive GPUs, whose high energy consumption leads to substantial carbon emissions. However, the imperative to minimize environmental impact and boost efficiency, specifically in data centers, is driving demand for more sustainable, low-power AI accelerators – a market poised to expand rapidly. As per TrendForce projections, the AI server market is expected to grow at a staggering CAGR of over 36% through 2027. Fueled by both environmental considerations and immense growth potential, cutting-edge low-power designs like the DX-H1 will see surging demand. For data centers seeking to simultaneously curb carbon emissions and gain a competitive edge through top-level AI computing performance, solutions such as the DX-H1 represent the way forward.  

DEEPX: Advancing AI with high performance, low energy solutions

DEEPX leads the market for low-power AI solutions, achieving the world’s highest power-to-performance ratio through proprietary advancements in model efficiency. This success is attributed to DEEPX’s pioneering work in two core technologies:

  1. IQ8™: an INT8 model compression technology
  2. Smart Memory Access: minimizes D-RAM usage to less than one-tenth of typical GPU levels, particularly beneficial for inference workloads

By combining IQ8‘s model compression capabilities with memory optimizations, DEEPX can drive excellent performance even with LPDDR memory, instead of using expensive HBM solutions. As a result, the company delivers world-class capabilities — over 10 times higher performance-per-watt than GPUs.

The DX-H1 also seamlessly integrates with existing GPU solutions, offering a versatile interface to support GPU-based trained AI models. This ensures a hassle-free transition for customers looking to upgrade performance without the need for any systems modifications.

“AI technology’s edge deployment will soon be as ubiquitous as the internet today. As this rapid growth unfolds, DEEPX is set to lead the way, harnessing the surging demand for low-power, high-performance AI semiconductor solutions while already capable of delivering efficiency gains of over ten times,” said Lokwon Kim, CEO of DEEPX. “Our dedication to innovative R&D and customer-centric design empower clients worldwide to push the boundaries of what AI is capable of while minimizing their environmental impact.”

DEEPX’s DX-H1 debut at CES 2024 will showcase how numerous industries around the world can reduce carbon emissions while optimizing AI server performance, as the brand expands efforts to attract new customers, explore partnerships, and drive business expansion.

Founded in anticipation of an era when artificial intelligence will be as ubiquitous as electricity and Wi-Fi, DEEPX develops the underlying technology for high-performance AI chips and computing solutions that can make all electronic devices intelligent. DEEPX’s AI chips are optimized for various AI applications, improving the energy efficiency of AI devices, and enabling efficient AI functions. Currently, DEEPX is cooperating with customers such as Hyundai Kia Motors Robotics LAB, POSCO DX, and Jahwa Electronics, which signed a mass production cooperation agreement earlier this year. The brand is also expanding cooperation with more than 30 global companies in smart cameras, control and security systems, robots, AI medical devices, and AI servers, while it scales up business globally, especially in the United States, China, and Taiwan region.

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