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DEKRA launch the first Cybersecurity Testing & Certification Program for UAVs in cooperation with Taiwan’s Telecom Technology Center (TTC)

TTC becoming the first authorized testing laboratory of the new program.

GAOXIONG, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 28, 2023, DEKRA, in collaboration with TTC, has just launched the first-ever cybersecurity testing and certification program specifically tailored for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This program marks a significant step forward in ensuring the security and reliability of these increasingly crucial devices against evolving digital threats.

The Telecom Technology Center (TTC) has passed DEKRA’s onsite assessment of its UAV testing capabilities and has become the first globally Authorized Testing Laboratory (ATL) for UAV by DEKRA. This authorization enables TTC to provide the necessary cybersecurity testing services to support UAV manufacturers align with the best practices in the industry.

The program establishes the baseline cybersecurity requirements for UAVs such as secure sensitive data such as flight records, secure authentication from Ground Station Control (GSC) to UAV, countermeasures to avoid GPS spoofing attacks, secure software updates capabilities, among others.

This TTC- DEKRA cooperation propels UAVs cybersecurity capacities to a new level, meeting the security requirements for accessing overseas markets, enhancing the competitiveness and visibility of Taiwan’s UAV industry.

Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of the Service Division Digital & Product Solutions, stated that “UAVs have become an important enterprise tool across market applications. Moreover, as adoption continues growing, concerns over functional and data security protections for UAV equipment have concurrently skyrocketed. Gaining faster regional footholds than rivals by leveraging independent third-party laboratory testing and product certifications will therefore be a critical go-to-market strategy”.

Through this cooperation, DEKRA Taiwan Managing Director Aaron Lee believes capabilities can be effectively enhanced across regional markets to implement advanced UAV cybersecurity assessments, introduce reliable international validation mechanisms, and ensure hardware and software operate securely under accredited global standards for safer innovation. DEKRA’s Cybersecurity Global Director Rubén Lirio, emphasized the unique position of DEKRA: “As a leader in testing and certification, we are recognized globally and approved by the different EU bodies as a trusted independent third party. Our proficiency makes us a well seen partner in supporting the development of cybersecurity standards and certification schemes across the globe and this stands as a testament to our expertise. We are poised to bolster Taiwan’s UAV industry with the crucial cybersecurity testing and certification support it needs to be at the next level”.


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