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Demonstration Base of Supply Chain’s Green Digital Intelligent Development in State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company Wins the First “Double Certification” in Shandong Province

ZIBO, China, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 30, the demonstration base of supply chain’s green digital intelligent development in State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company was awarded the first double certification in Shandong Province’s power system, including both the first-level (3-star) green warehouse and the star-rated (5-star) warehouse, on the China Annual Conference 2023 of Warehouse and Distribution Entrepreneurs and the Seminar for the Planning and Construction of Warehouse and Distribution Center.

The demonstration base of supply chain’s green digital intelligent development in State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company, officially put into operation in October 2021, is composed of several functional areas, that is, an integrated base for inspection, storage, andTest Reserve Distribution Base, an authorized procurement center, a supply chain operation center, a professional marketing measurement warehouse and so on. The integrated base for inspection, storage, and distribution is divided into three parts, namely warehouse, outdoor stacking area, and distribution area; the warehouse is then subdivided into two parts, respectively for storage and quality inspection. Guided by the notion of “green, digital, and intelligent construction”, the demonstration base fully utilizes technologies like big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and artificial intelligence so as to integrate storage resources and inspection equipment. The demonstration base is characterized by the cluster operation of digital staff (Robotic Process Automation), Luoshu brain intelligent control, carbon-free park intelligent management, green packaging recycling, etc., thus actualizing the digitalization of all elements in the material business, the automation of the whole process, and the unmanned operation of the whole scene.

Adhering to the idea of “green, digital, and intelligent development”, the demonstration base uses distributed photovoltaic power generation system to reduce carbon emissions, and utilizes easily recyclable green packaging materials to reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. Besides, the demonstration base develops green operating processes with standardized, energy-saving, and intelligent equipment, and achieves information interconnection with a digital management platform, therefore promoting the green, low-carbon development of the electric power supply chain, and its upgrade based on digital intelligence. At present, the main digital employees equipped in the storage area include (un)loading robots, composite conveying robots, stacking robots, random picking robots, bag-unpacking robots, intelligent inventory robots, etc. Also, the interconnection among ERP, WMS, and WCS systems in the warehouse, assisted by material 3D imaging system, achieves 3D inventory materials modeling and substantially improves the efficiency. The quality inspection area is equipped with the only industrial CT and the most advanced energy storage short-circuit impulse test system. This area is also equipped with the first mobile multifunctional wiring-inspection robot, the first automatic concrete pole detection robot. It deploys a variety of integrated automatic inspection instruments to create a full-process automatic inspection base of high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-adaptability.

The green, low-carbon transformational development of power storage is one of the specific practices in response to the “Double-carbon” national target. The “Green Warehouse logo” certification, led by China Association of Warehousing and Distribution, implements evaluation from six aspects, such as energy conservation, energy utilization, material conservation and material resource utilization and so on, among which the first level (3-star) is the highest of green warehousing qualifications in China, and serves as the equivalent of building certifications like the “Green Building logo” issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. Based on the national standard of “General Warehouse Grade” (GBT21072), the “Star-Rated Warehouse” evaluates warehouses according to the scale, facilities and equipment, degree of information intelligence, quality of employees, service function, and management level, and then divides them into five grades, from 1 to 5 star(s), with 5-star as the highest level.