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DMM Group’s DM2C Studio Raises 2.3 Million Dollars Aimed at the Global Expansion of its Web3 Business Project White Paper Released

With Galaxy Interactive as lead investor, DM2C Studio ties strategic partnership with a total of 8 companies

TOKYO, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DM2C Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Nagato Kasaki, hereafter referred to as “DM2C Studio”) announces a capital raise of 2.3 million Dollars through a token convertible bond sale from a consortium of 8 companies led by Galaxy Interactive, one of the world’s largest venture capital firms specializing in the entertainment domain (Headquartered in New York, USA, Founding General Partner: Sam Englebardt). This is DM2C Studio’s inaugural fundraising round aimed at forming strategic partnerships in anticipation of a full-scale global expansion. In conjunction with this milestone, DM2C Studio has also unveiled the white paper for its web3 initiative, “Seamoon Protocol” on its website today, December 20th.

DMM Group’s DM2C Studio Raises 2.3 Million Dollars Aimed at the Global Expansion of its Web3 Business.
DMM Group’s DM2C Studio Raises 2.3 Million Dollars Aimed at the Global Expansion of its Web3 Business.

Fundraising Background

DM2C Studio is a subsidiary of DMM.com LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter referred to as “DMM”), one of the largest Japanese gaming companies, established in January 2023 with the objective of developing DMM’s web3 business, including blockchain games and NFT projects.

In June of this year, DM2C Studio launched the web3 project “Seamoon Protocol” to provide a new entertainment experience in a digital space utilizing its unique tokens. The project plans to unveil its proprietary blockchain “DM2 Verse” on Oasys Layer2, launch its unique token “DM2P”, and offer blockchain games among other initiatives.

Aiming for a comprehensive global rollout of the project, DM2C Studio has raised 2.3 million Dollars through a token convertible bond sale. This round was led by Galaxy Interactive, with Shima Capital, Bitfinex, MARBLEX, SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD., Planetarium Labs, Mask Network, and DeFimans Co., Ltd. as acceptors.    

The goal of this funding round was to bring in top global companies, both domestic and international, as our strategic partners in anticipation of the global expansion essential to web3 businesses. Partnerships will include conducting joint side events at large-scale industry events in Japan and abroad, joint AMAs, and various other promotional activities.

web3 Project “Seamoon Protocol” Official Website

Investors Participating in Token Convertible Bond Sale
Galaxy Interactive
Shima Capital
Planetarium Labs
Mask Network
DeFimans Co., Ltd.

The list of our investors.
The list of our investors.

Investor Comments (Excerpt)

Galaxy Interactive
Richard Kim / General Partner
DMM is one of the unique conglomerates at the intersection of markets, social commerce and gaming in Japan. Their scale and reach, combined with a distinctive IP repository uniquely positions them to build a sustainable and differentiated web3 ecosystem.

Ryan You / Partner
We’ve always been excited about Japan’s growing global influence and supportive macro environment in gaming and web3, and are thrilled to partner with the DM2C team to support them on this transformational project.

Shima Capital
Yida Gao / Founder
Shima’s investment in DMM was motivated by many reasons but the one that resonated the most with us was its history of constant innovation. Just as DMM was able to adapt to and thrive in the internet and mobile age at the turn of the century, we believe DMM can replicate its success again in web3 through its ambitious Seamoon Protocol and become a global household name in the industry.

Bill Brindise / Head of OTC Desk and Business Development Manager
Bitfinex is pleased to support DM2C Studio’s significant venture into the Web3 domain through this pivotal fundraising effort. We watch with interest how the ‘Seamoon Protocol’ will progress and its impact on the digital entertainment market.

Junki Moon / Business Director
We are thrilled to invest in DM2C, which is subsidiary of DMM, that conducts various businesses in Japan.

We expect this investment to strengthen business synergies between the two companies by combining DMM’s Japanese market know-how and MARBLEX’s blockchain business know-how, and open business opportunities such as collaboration between DAPPs.

Hideaki Uehara / General Manager of Investment and Business Development Dept
We believe that the DMM Group, which has one of the largest user bases in Japan, will make Web3 business more accessible to everyone by providing new Web3 experiences such as games and a unique token economy.

Comment from Nagato Kasaki, Head of web3 Division, DM2C Studio

“Seamoon Protocol” provided by DM2C Studio is a unique web3 ecosystem concept with sustainability as its theme and will provide an economic system and platform services that allow “Everybody” to enjoy new age entertainment services “Anytime” with a centered focus on the gaming domain, the DMM Group’s forte. We are very grateful for the support we have received from reliable top global companies from both Japan and overseas. We will not limit this fundraising to mere financing but will push forward as we take the first step toward the global expansion of this project.

Nagato Kasaki Profile
After completing his master’s program at the Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance in 2014, Kasaki joined DMM.com. He has been involved in the construction of big data utilization platforms and has been responsible for research and development in distributed processing and blockchain technologies, as well as business proposals. Since 2022, he has served as the technical director for the web3 business and took on the role of business director from 2023.

Release of the web3 Project “Seamoon Protocol” White Paper
“Seamoon Protocol” is a digital economic zone concept on a multi-chain that combines different types of currencies and assets, including DM2C Studio’s unique tokens. The aim is to establish a robust and solid sustainable economic zone with the participation of many businesses and individual creators in the future.

Announcement Regarding “Seamoon Protocol

View the White Paper Here

White Paper Overview

  • Current status and issues of web3
  • Why DMM Group will commit to web3
  • DM2C Studio’s vision, mission, and values
  • Overview of “Seamoon Protocol” as a solution
  • Issuance scheme of DM2P, DM2C Studio’s proprietary token
  • Architecture of “Seamoon Protocol”
  • Legal issues in Japan surrounding web3
  • Teams & partnerships

About DM2C Studio.,Co.Ltd

DM2C Studio
DM2C Studio

DM2C Studio is a group company established in January 2023 with the purpose of developing DMM’s web3 business, including blockchain games and NFT projects.

Games scheduled for release in 2024 include “CoinMusume”, an NFT game featuring idol characters inspired by virtual currency; “Duelyst3.0”, an NFT strategy trading card game; “Kanpani☆Girls RE: BLOOM”, a blockchain game version of the “Kanpani  Girls” title which has been played by a total of 2.5 million people to date; and a full-fledged NFT trading card game “KAMIYAGURA”.

While GameFi will be the main focus for the time being, DM2C Studio plans to develop a variety of projects in the future, including the following:
Services that generate synergy with games
BtoB solutions / Projects tackling social issues
Financial services
Other web3 projects utilizing the assets of the DMM Group

Company Profile: https://seamoon.dmm.com/company/profile/
“Seamoon Protocol” Official Website:https://seamoon.dmm.com/
“Seamoon Protocol” Official X Account:https://twitter.com/SeamoonProtocol

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