Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Dx&Vx co-develops a bio-healthcare big data platform with LG CNS

– Possessing human genome and microbiome data in all clinical stages
– Becoming a global bio-healthcare big data platform company

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dx&Vx will develop a bio-healthcare big data platform utilizing AI technology provided by LG CNS.

Dx&Vx recently announced on the 18th that it has signed a contract with LG CNS to jointly develop a bio-healthcare big data platform utilizing AI technology provided by LG CNS. This is the first case of LG CNS collaborating with a domestic pharma-bio company.

Dx&Vx is set to introduce an AI-driven digital medical and clinical data platform through its collaboration with LG CNS. LG CNS is a Google Cloud partner and key service provider. LG CNS will provide the AI and big data technologies needed to build the platform.

Through its cloud-based a precision medicine data platform, Dx&Vx has built a bio big data bridge system with Clidex CDx, a companion diagnostic (CDx) service, to provide a clinical decision support system (CDSS), Digital Therapeutics (DTx), and digital twin-based remote medicine, and will expand its service sales network to global markets such as new drug developers and pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and research institutes that need to provide precision medicine-based multi-omics analysis data and develop therapeutic drugs and related healthcare solutions.

Dx&Vx has more than 440,000 genomic analysis data, the largest in Korea. The data is clinical and genomic big data for clinical diagnosis and includes human genomic data and microbiome data in clinical stages, including embryonic stem cells for preimplantation genomic test, abortus tissues, cell free fetal DNA, amniocytes and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) tissues , blood and tissues of neonates, adults, and cancer cells. 

In particular, it contains clinical data of various disease group as well as reference group, and is highly reliable and scalable for the discovery of disease subtype-specific biomarkers for various cancer, rare disease and infectious disease research, as well as for the development of therapeutics and identification of mechanisms of action according to genetic differences among ethnic groups, gender-omics and age differences.

“Currently, we are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm in new drug development projects to increase the possibility of success in new drugs development, and we are expanding collaboration with domestic and foreign IT companies to expand related services. This joint development will be the starting point for Dx&Vx to grow into a global integrated biomedical big data-based bio-healthcare personalized precision medicine solution provider,” said an official from Dx&Vx.

Starting with the joint development, Dx&Vx plans to strengthen its collaboration with LG CNS to develop innovative bio-healthcare solutions based on its biomedical big data platform.

Meanwhile, global pharmaceutical giant GSK recently invested $300 million in genomic analysis company 23andME to develop new drugs using genomic information, and the Korea Bio Association predicts that the global genomic market will grow to $13.55 billion in 2024.