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Global Top Gift Card Trading Platform Tbay Unveils Exclusive “Quick Sell Mode” at VIP Christmas Event

NEW YORK, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The global leading online gift card trading platform, Tbay, hosted its first VIP gathering event on December 15th in Africa. Tbay chose Nigeria, a country with the largest economy scale in Africa, as its first destination, creating a unique Christmas celebration for the VIP users who have supported the platform for years.

Tbay Christmas VIP Event in Nigeria
Tbay Christmas VIP Event in Nigeria

The event took place at Ox Restaurant & Lounge,Victoria island, Lagos, with a full house and all guests immersed in the festive atmosphere of Christmas. Tbay stated that this event was a special gift to each VIP user, appreciating them for their continuous support, making the platform become a palace for gift card transactions in Africa.

Tbay’s Unique Advantage: Safe and Fast “Quick Sell Mode”

With roughly 700,000 registered users, over 150,000 monthly active users, and more than 400,000 monthly transaction volume, Tbay is a global digital trading platform committed to providing users with a secure, professional, and efficient service and trading experience.

The security of gift card transactions is a pain point for the industry, and Tbay prioritizes safety, promoting the slogan “You are in safe hands” to establish a secure link between sellers and buyers. To ensure transaction safety, Tbay has implemented a series of innovative measures.

Firstly, Tbay’s gift card vendors must have over three years of work experience, a good credit record, and a clean criminal record. The companies must employ staff and meet Tbay’s capital and annual income standards. Secondly, vendors must pay a transaction deposit for user compensation in case of transaction disputes, and sign an exclusive cooperation agreement with Tbay, otherwise will face punishment for violations. Finally, Tbay monitors vendors’ workspace 360° to ensure every transaction can be traced back through video.

Tbay is dedicated to providing users with a fast transaction experience, with most transactions completed within 90 seconds. Recently, Tbay launched the even faster transaction mode -“Quick Sell Mode” , aiming to reduce gift card transaction time by at least 20% in the future.

A product investigation about Tbay was also conducted at the event, and guests enthusiastically participated, trying out Tbay’s new features. Over 90% expressed that the “Quick Sell Mode” is unique, convenient, and efficient, allowing them to complete the entire transaction process more quickly and gain more profits in a short period. They were also impressed by Tbay’s vendors, giving them high ratings. Users hope for more new and interesting online campaigns as well as user-friendly and practical features in the future.

Event Speech – Tbay Charity Journey

Valerie Azaglo, one of Tbay’s on-site guests, delivered the opening speech, sharing her experience of being invited by Tbay to be the charity leader in Ghana. She vividly described the collaboration with Tbay, especially the story of donating to eight schools. She expressed great honor in joining Tbay’s charity project, giving her the opportunity to help over 1,000 students. Through donations and care, she has not only approached students’ real life but also had a profound impact on the entire community.

Valerie Azaglo emphasized her future plans with Tbay charity, including vivid interactions with children, organizing reading clubs and excursions, and introducing internet and e-learning to better prepare students for future competition. She stated that these plans would expand the impact of Tbay’s charity project, focusing not only on material assistance but also on students’ education and skill development.

Finally, Valerie Azaglo mentioned that the first charity event was in April 2020, until now Tbay’s “Donating 1,000 Schools” charity project has covered 7 African countries, benefiting over 10,000 students in more than 60 schools. She deeply cherishes the opportunity given by Tbay, allowing her to be a partner of improving the community in Ghana. Every guest at the event was touched by her enthusiasm and dedication, looking forward to witness more achievements made by Tbay’s charity in the future.

Tbay Facilitates African Business Development

In addition to providing a secure and convenient transaction experience, Tbay has been working hard to offer more business opportunities for customers and partners. Tbay’s gift card business uses internet technology as a medium, providing a wide bridge of communication in Africa and offering business opportunities for Africans in the global market. Through the online gift card trading platform, they can engage in international market transactions with gift card holders worldwide, earning additional income.

Final Thoughts

The Christmas event ended with singing, dancing, and joyous laughter. Tbay concluded by stating its commitment to being technology-driven, promoting African development through the internet and the digital economy, and connecting with global technological forces. Tbay aims to provide a convenient and efficient online gift card trading platform for Africans, creating broader markets and opportunities for entrepreneurs and merchants, meeting demands, and driving economic growth in Africa. Tbay’s mission is to create more opportunities through internet and digital economy, continuing to promote African development, helping realize dreams, bringing new hope for Africa’s future, Tbay emphasized that they would actively implement charity event, making contributions to African education.

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