Thursday, July 25, 2024

Google collaborates with the HKCSS to enhance awareness of home internet security

Google recently released a new survey exploring changes in parents’ educational perceptions and strategies in the digital age, particularly how to balance the need for increased internet safety with the use of technology for continuous learning and exploration as children grow up in a tech environment. The survey results show that more than 80% (82.6%) of Hong Kong children spend between 1 to 6 hours on the internet daily, ranking third among the 12 surveyed Asia-Pacific countries, only behind Malaysia (83.8%) and India (82.8%). Moreover, over 70% (72.4%) of Hong Kong parents believe they have the ability to discuss internet safety issues with their children, but more than half (52.8%) of parents say it is difficult to find examples that are age-appropriate and easy for their children to understand when discussing internet safety.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) has partnered with Google Hong Kong for the ‘Be a Smart Online Surfer’ award ceremony and carnival to showcase the project’s interim results, with support from relevant government bodies and legislative council members.

Google Hong Kong and HKCSS share the same vision to improve the media literacy and internet safety awareness of local children, teenagers, and their parents. Thus, they have teamed up for the ‘Be a Smart Online Surfer’ project. Google provides abundant internet safety resources, and HKCSS has organized a series of lectures for 300 local parents and children, sharing how to discuss online scams, false information, and other internet safety topics with their children. In addition, through its school network, HKCSS has broadcast a series of videos supported by to 1,000 students across Hong Kong, supplemented by themed worksheets and discussions, hoping to enhance students’ internet safety awareness. It is estimated that after the school exams in December, up to 3,000 students will participate in the project.