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HD Hyundai Teams Up with Google Cloud to Accelerate AI Innovation

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HD Hyundai is partnering with Google Cloud to accelerate its digital transformation using generative AI technology.

HD Hyundai Teams Up with Google Cloud to Accelerate AI Innovation
HD Hyundai Teams Up with Google Cloud to Accelerate AI Innovation

The collaboration will introduce generative AI across Hyundai’s core businesses, including its world-leading shipbuilding and top-ranking construction machinery businesses in Korea. Google Cloud will provide enterprise solutions like its Vertex AI platform to develop industry-specific AI applications.

Starting in January 2024, the company will prioritize high-impact tasks like:

  • Building AI solutions tailored to each industry’s needs
  • Creating AI-based platforms to enhance customer digital experiences
  • Training AI experts

HD Hyundai has already piloted a Generative AI service for after-sales calls at its construction equipment division. The collaboration with Google Cloud commenced in July 2023. It plans to establish a long-term AI roadmap to lead digital and business innovation.

Earlier moves to boost AI capabilities in-house include:

  • Launching an AI Center to develop custom generative AI
  • Partnering with POSCO on smart unmanned technology
  • Collaborating with Siemens on AI for smart shipyards

HD Hyundai says, “Combining the vast data we have accumulated over the years with Google Cloud’s generative AI technology will create great synergy. We will actively utilize AI to improve work efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.”

Underscoring the importance of this collaboration, Philip Moyer, Vice President of Global AI Business and Solutions at Google Cloud, will speak at HD Hyundai’s CES 2024 keynote session.

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HD Hyundai (former Hyundai Heavy Industries Group) is a major South Korean conglomerate that serves as the world’s largest shipbuilding and heavy industries manufacturer. Its three core businesses are shipbuilding, heavy equipment, and energy. Shifting towards a holding company structure in March 2018, its intermediary holding companies consist of HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering, HD Hyundai XiteSolution, and HD Hyundai Oilbank. Individually, they lead and oversee the core businesses with different subsidiaries specializing in each sector. Starting as a shipbuilding company in 1972 in a small fishing village in the southeast part of South Korea, HD Hyundai has acquired and expanded its business into related sectors with over 35,000 employees worldwide and total assets reaching nearly $59.5 billion (USD). Since its adoption of “Technology and Quality” as its core value, it is now progressing to become the most innovative solutions provider in all domains.

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