Wednesday, July 24, 2024

HONOR’s first experience store in Hong Kong lands at Shatin New Town Plaza

HONOR has been committed to developing and launching intelligent technology products to meet the lifestyle needs of customers. HONOR’s first experience store in Hong Kong will open at Shatin New Town Plaza, providing customers with a comfortable shopping experience.

The decoration design of the HONOR experience store is simple and smooth, exuding a strong sense of modern technology. As soon as you walk into the store, you can see a variety of HONOR’s smartphones displayed in the showcase, allowing customers to personally experience the functions and convenience of these phones. In addition, the store also displays a series of HONOR’s home intelligent products, including tablets, smart TVs, smart electronic scales, etc. Some of these products can be interconnected with HONOR’s smartphones to improve life efficiency and perfectly integrate technology with life.

The HONOR experience store emphasizes providing customers with a unique shopping experience. The store features a tasteful coffee relaxation area where customers can enjoy aromatic coffee while learning about the unique selling points and features of various smart products. The HONOR experience ambassadors in the store provide professional advice on the spot, recommend smart products of suitable models according to the daily needs of users, and provide product tutorials and application demonstrations. In addition, as the frontline of connecting customers with the brand, the HONOR experience store will regularly hold various themed activities, including special workshops, product seminars, product launches, etc., constituting an integrated experience of the smart life brand.