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Huawei Cloud Software Partners Go Global Summit: Go Global Acceleration Program Empowers Businesses in Global Expansion

HONG KONG, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 6, the Huawei Cloud Software Partners Go Global Summit brought together over 200 prominent figures from government, business, and academia. The event explored how cloud technologies can propel enterprises onto the global stage, delving into opportunities and advantages in Hong Kong and strategies for software companies to thrive internationally. The summit witnessed the momentous launch of the Huawei Cloud Software Partners Go Global Acceleration Program, a game-changing program designed to equip software enterprises with cutting-edge digital solutions. Through dedicated funding and technical support, this program fosters an open, collaborative, and mutually beneficial cross-border ecosystem.

Partnering for Global Business Success

Opening remarks by Kang Ning, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecosystem
Opening remarks by Kang Ning, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecosystem

In his opening remarks, Kang Ning, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecosystem, lauded the Hong Kong innovation and technology blueprint as a treasure trove of opportunities for software companies. He emphasized that Hong Kong’s position makes it the ideal launchpad for enterprises in the Chinese mainland venturing abroad, fast-tracking their global expansion, and this is the reason this Summit is first held in Hong Kong. After two decades of international experiences, Huawei seeks to empower its partners with resources and expertise, enabling them to achieve a more robust and far-reaching globalization. Mr. Kang stressed Huawei’s extensive global presence, highlighting how its infrastructure and advanced cloud expertise can expedite partners’ launch of tailored-to-market products and services. Additionally, he showcased Huawei Cloud’s comprehensive partner network, boasting 42,000 partners and over 5 million developers worldwide. This ecosystem facilitates solution development, customer base expansion, and mutually beneficial business outcomes.

Speech by Mr Philip Yung, GBS, JP, Director-General of OASES
Speech by Mr Philip Yung, GBS, JP, Director-General of OASES

The honorable Mr Philip Yung, GBS, JP, Director-General of the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises (OASES) under the Hong Kong Financial Secretary’s Office, expressed gratitude to Huawei for creating a platform connecting over 100 companies and institutions. He also acknowledged Cyberport’s invaluable contributions to nurturing Hong Kong’s innovation and technology (I&T) community over the past 20 years. Since its launch in December 2022, OASES has drawn in approximately 30 companies and generated 10,000 jobs, Philip proudly announced. He highlighted the recent Launching Ceremony of OASES Partnership and the agreement signing with the initial cohort of strategic enterprises, including Huawei, who are establishing or scaling up their operations in Hong Kong. This initiative promises one-stop services for these companies, catering to their specific needs and fostering the joint advancement of Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem. Looking ahead, Philip emphasized OASES’s commitment to actively introducing key enterprises aligned with the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Policy Address. This includes building a supercomputing center and promoting microelectronics R&D, all with the ambition of elevating Hong Kong’s I&T influence on the global stage.

Keynote speech "Co-creating a Chinese Software Ecology to Provide the World a New Alternative" by Zeng Xingyun, President of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific
Keynote speech “Co-creating a Chinese Software Ecology to Provide the World a New Alternative” by Zeng Xingyun, President of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific

Zeng Xingyun, President of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific, took the stage to share Huawei’s globalization experience and key success factors under the theme “Co-creating a Chinese Software Ecology to Provide the World a New Alternative”. He highlighted the vast and vibrant Asia Pacific market, its surging economy, and the opportune moment for digital transformation. The software landscape is ripe for exploration, and Hong Kong, with its strong ties to the Chinese mainland, serves as an ideal springboard for global expansion. Its advantages in language, R&D, policy, and openness make it a natural first stop for ambitious enterprises. Mr. Zeng elaborated on Huawei Cloud’s collaborative approach, spanning sales, ecosystem, cloud infrastructure, and technology. This synergy ensures the mutual reinforcement with partners in terms of both business and technology. To further empower Chinese enterprises, Huawei Cloud has established localized resource pools across Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America to offer comprehensive support, encompassing consulting services, solution development, cloud migration assistance, joint service expansion, and industry interconnection, paving the way for partner success.

Launch of Huawei Cloud Software Partners Go Global Acceleration Programme
Launch of Huawei Cloud Software Partners Go Global Acceleration Programme

Following Mr. Zeng’s inspiring speech came the eagerly anticipated launch of the Huawei Cloud Software Partners Go Global Acceleration Program. The launch was attended by esteemed guests including Philip Yung, GBS, JP, Director-General of (OASES), Kang Ning, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecosystem, Qian Guoqiang, President of Hong Kong Software Industry Association and Chief Executive Officer of Chuangqisi; Zhang Ze, General Manager of Huawei Hong Kong Cloud Business Department; Chen Xin, Chief Information Officer of Ping An Financial One Credit Service (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Li Hao, General Manager of Yonyou Software Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Tu Kanghong, Director of Overseas Products of iFlyTek, Men Xiaoshuang, Business Director of Longbridge Whale, Luo Xu, Founder and CEO of Sharecrm, Tang Songrong, Director and Head of Strategic Cooperation and Overseas Strategy at INTSIG, Yu Haoran, CEO of Udesk, and Yang Dalu, CEO of Beijing Tianji Partners Information Technology Co., Ltd. The program dedicates USD10 million to supporting enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. Each qualifying partner will receive USD50,000 worth of joint marketing fund and a market development fund worth up to USD15,000 and up to USD50,000 for solution development and technical certification. Huawei Cloud’s commitment extends beyond funding; dedicated one-to-one services, expert technical support, and access to valuable business opportunities will empower Asia Pacific partners to explore, innovate, and deliver impactful solutions.

Embracing Win-Win Partnership and Seizing Hong Kong’s Innovation Spark

Mr Bryan Peng, Vice President of OASES (AI and Data Science), introducing the background and vision of OASES
Mr Bryan Peng, Vice President of OASES (AI and Data Science), introducing the background and vision of OASES

Mr Bryan Peng, Vice President of OASES (AI and Data Science), delivered a keynote address titled “Infinite Innovation and Technology Opportunities in Hong Kong“, offering guests a glimpse into OASES’s goals and vision. He emphasized their role in attracting top-tier, high-potential companies from around the globe, with a specific focus on four key sectors: life and health technology, AI and data science, FinTech, and advanced manufacturing and new energy technology. Bryan highlighted the Hong Kong SAR Government’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and technology, mentioning the staggering HKD200 billion invested in these fields over the past years. He shed light on their ambitious plans to establish Hong Kong as a global data hub, facilitate cross-border data transfer, and accelerate the construction of the San Tin Technopole, further invigorating the I&T ecosystem.

The representative of Hong Kong Cyberport then took the podium to delve into Digitization Journey and Industry Overview of Hong Kong, specifically focusing on the support for Hong Kong startups to make full use of Cyberport’s resources and strategic network as well as develop partnerships in the I&T ecosystem to grow sustainably in this era of cloud and digital. He also introduced the PoC programs of different industries. Next, he acknowledged the growing demand for digital transformation among Hong Kong businesses and that Cyberport and its ecosystem are providing diverse support plans for enterprises to apply various cloud and digital solutions, enabling them to explore new opportunities, enhance their competitiveness, and build digital into their organizations, riding the wave of Web3 and AI.

Focusing on Software Technologies Enabling Hong Kong Digitalization and Development, Yolanda Tsang, Director of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), introduced how ASTRI uses 5G and blockchain technologies to fast-track industrialization in Hong Kong. “As the largest government-funded research facility in Hong Kong, one of the key objectives of ASTRI is to help enterprises build competitive advantages. At present, governments, universities, banks, real estate developers, and organizations across industries have been engaged in building smart cities and developing innovative financial technologies. ASTRI will continue to explore with the industry on collaboration models including technology transfer, and strengthen Hong Kong’s advantages in I&T to discover new opportunities.”

Riding the Wave of Software Globalization: Success Stories and Opportunities

The Summit resonated with inspiring success stories of software globalization, shared by Li Hao (General Manager of Yonyou Software Hong Kong), Men Xiaoshuang (Business Director of Longbridge Whale), and Tu Kanghong (Director of Overseas Products at iFlyTek). Their valuable insights and practical experience illuminated the path to navigating the international market. They explored key questions: how to successfully enter global markets, adapt to and overcome challenges, and leverage technological innovation to gain a competitive edge on the global stage. By showcasing these real-world examples, the Summit aimed to empower more enterprises to unlock new business opportunities.

The following workshop delved deeper into the critical role Hong Kong plays in the globalization of Chinese software. Yin Yue, Chief Cooperation Officer of Huawei Cloud Hong Kong, facilitated a thought-provoking discussion with esteemed guests from government, the ICT industry, and the investment community. Together, they explored Hong Kong’s unique position and identified the crucial elements for Chinese software companies to truly shine in the global arena. A resounding consensus emerged: in this era where global expansion is no longer an option but a necessity for Chinese software companies, developing a clear globalization strategy, building a robust network of international partners, and harnessing advanced digital technologies to better cater to global market demands are the keys to unlocking success in the fierce global competition.

Huawei Cloud, in line with its “Everything as a Service” strategy, remains steadfast in its commitment to meeting partners’ evolving needs in the dynamic business landscape. By providing even more comprehensive, flexible, and innovative digital solutions, Huawei Cloud aims to further solidify Hong Kong’s role as a premier international innovation hub and inject momentum into digital transformation across Asia Pacific.

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