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Intel and NewPhotonics Achieve Breakthrough with 224Gbps Electrical SerDes and Photonics Engine Integration

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intel Corporation and NewPhotonics Ltd are proud to announce a milestone achievement: the successful integration of Intel new 224Gbps electrical SerDes design with NewPhotonics cutting-edge Photonics Engine, resulting in an end-to-end direct modulation electrical-to-optical link utilizing PAM4 modulation.

This remarkable accomplishment extends over 10 kilometers range over a standard single-mode fiber with exceptional pre-FEC performance, without a need for a Digital Signal Processing (DSP), eliminating DSP delay, cost and setting a new milestone for affordable high-speed low latency data transmission.

Key Highlights:

  • Unprecedented Speed and Scalability: The integration of Intel SerDes design and the NewPhotonics Photonics Engine achieved a 224Gbps end-to-end data transmission rate with exceptional performance.
  • Direct Modulation with PAM4: The electrical-to-optical link is achieved through an end-to-end direct modulation link using Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4 (PAM4).
  • Wide Bandwidth PAM4 Photo Detector and Modulator: The link incorporates a wide bandwidth photodetector (PD) and Modulator, supporting the end-to-end 224Gbps data transfer.

“We are thrilled to have achieved the successful integration of our photonics technology with Intel most advanced 224Gbps SerDes.” Yaniv Ben Haim, CEO and Founder of NewPhotonics, said, – “The end-to-end electrical-to-optical link at exceptional performance is a key innovation for products with the lowest power consumption, virtually no processing delay, and cost-effective advanced photonics-based products.”

Noam Avni, Intel Vice President, added, “Our advanced SerDes designs, combined with NewPhotonics optical engine, demonstrates the power of pushing the boundaries of technology. The ability to establish an end-to-end electrical-to-optical link at 224Gbps direct modulation over 10 kilometers is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the advancement of high-speed data transmission solutions.”

This groundbreaking demonstration was showcased during the ECOC conference in Glasgow (2-4 October,2023). Attendees of the private demo at NewPhotonics booth witnessed the capabilities of this end-to-end electrical-to-optical link, which promises to revolutionize data transmission in data centers.

To schedule a private demo and for further inquiries, please reach out to us.

Both companies are committed to achieving additional milestones, including significantly reducing energy consumption in data centers, reducing processing delay, improving reliability, lowering costs, and increasing capacity per lane.

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