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Keep the Holiday Power Alive: A Guide to ROMOSS Portable Chargers as Christmas Gifts

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas is almost upon us again! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? For all the gadget lovers, travelers, and anyone who never wants to be caught in a situation where our phone, headphones, iPad or Bluetooth speaker is running out of juice. ROMOSS has the perfect solutions to help you stay fully charged while on the go: 3 types of portable chargers.

ROMOSS 10000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank: WMS10

This is the gift if you are looking for a Power Bank for daily use. It’s a relatively compact and convenient one with a built-in cable design. 14N strong magnetic force, which equals the weight of three bottles of 500ML plastic water, makes your wireless power charging more stable.

ROMOSS WMS10 Power Bank is perfect for people who travel daily by public transport or are on the road a lot. Never fear an empty battery again during the (work) day!

ROMOSS 20000mAh PD Power Bank: PAC20

For the gadget lover or who likes to have multi-charged phones during all adventures, a ROMOSS PAC20 Power Bank would be the perfect gift.

This powerful Power Bank has two built-in cables to support different types of devices. PD fast charging technology can make your iPhone charged 50% in about 30 minutes. 3 input & 2 output ports can realize at most 3 devices charged simultaneously.

ROMOSS 65W 40000mAhEZ CarryPortable Power: PMT40

ROMOSS EZ Carry is a light outdoor power supply with many innovations. The capacity is 40000mAh while the weight is only about 1 bottle of plastic water. The 65W fast charger is much more efficient and can meet the needs ofdifferent devices 5-6 equipment. In addition to performance requirements, the appearance of EZ Carry is also very pleasant.Besides the classic black color, there are also more fashionable options like silver and green. The most important is the “carryable design”, which is more convenient for users to carry when going out, and is more in line with the chill feeling of “just pick it up and go”.

If you’re looking for a power supply system that is light and stylish, you might check out the ROMOSS EZ Carry portable power bank. This portable power bank is coming soon to the Philippines at Christmas, where you can get one for your family as a wonderful gift.

On this special occasion, select the right gift to keep the Christmas holiday power alive. ROMOSS, as the Charging Master, has prepared all kinds of portable chargers to make this Christmas more powerful.

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ROMOSS Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in energy techs and consumer electronics, such as power banks, outdoor power systems, data cables, power adapters, car chargers, and power strips. ROMOSS was established in Shenzhen to deliver outstanding charging experiences globally while ensuring the highest quality standards in the industry. ROMOSS has developed a range of products, including the power bank, power station, charger, and charging cable, which contains the ULTRA, the MAGNETIC, the LINE, the SENSE, the X explore, the S speed, the NEO, and the CYCLES, to cater to the diverse needs of its users over the past decade.

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