Saturday, July 20, 2024

Kingston Limited Edition Meng Long USB Drive Debuts for the New Year Celebration

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, Kingston has officially unveiled the newest addition to its Q-Meng series of zodiac-themed USB drives – the Limited Edition Meng Long (Cute Dragon) USB Drive. The plump, pale green dragon design, complemented by a trendy golden punk hairstyle, exudes a mix of adorableness and humor, ensuring a healing presence. The eggshell-style packaging is ingeniously aligned with the Year of the Dragon, fully releasing the charm of the “dragon”. Beyond its eye-catching appearance, it boasts a substantial 128GB capacity and a maximum transfer speed of 200MB/s, enhancing its collectible value.


Continuing the design concept of Kingston’s Q-Meng series, the adorable round green dragon spirals among clouds, nestled within a whimsical eggshell casing, like a delicate dragon baby eager to break free and soar. The rubber-covered exterior not only feels delicate but also provides shock-resistant functionalities. Additionally, the thoughtful tail loop allows for easy attachment to key rings or lanyards for convenient access to data.

This cute drive is not just about looks; it’s also highly functional! This year’s Q-Meng series zodiac drive has been upgraded for the first time to a large 128GB capacity, perfect for storing important work documents, joyful birthday party videos, or warm family travel photos, ensuring no precious moment is missed. Coupled with USB 3.2 Gen 1’s high efficiency of up to 200MB/s, it becomes the ultimate companion for daily data transfer and storage for both adults and children, making it an ideal choice for year-end gift exchanges and New Year presents.

Kevin Wu, Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Business Development for Kingston in the Asia-Pacific region, stated: “With the brand spirit of ‘Kingston Is With You,’ we are committed to protecting every precious memory in people’s hearts with our comprehensive product lines and solutions. As the year-end approaches and families and friends gather to celebrate the upcoming festivities, we create many unforgettable laughs and memories together. Kingston always stands by consumers, offering joy and blessings through the new Meng Long USB drive, and embarking on a memorable adventure in the new year.”

The Kingston 2024 Limited Edition Meng Long USB Drive will be available in advance at all major dealers in Hong Kong, with a recommended retail price of HKD 138 and includes a five-year warranty, free technical support, and Kingston’s industry-renowned quality assurance. In celebration of Kingston’s consecutive win as the global champion in DRAM memory and SSD channel market share for 2022, a series of generous promotional giveaways will be offered as a token of gratitude for consumer support. From December 18, 2023, to February 14, 2024, each purchase of the Meng Long USB Drive will come with an exclusive limited-edition set of Double Dragon Red Packets, perfect for a festive new year! Additionally, purchasing select Kingston products will entitle customers to a Kingston keyboard wrist rest, while purchasing the XS1000 Portable SSD comes with a special rubber protective case, available while supplies last!