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Macnica Inc. Selected Leading Innovation Consultancy Orangeleaf Consulting in Malaysia to Propel Accelerated Digital Transformation Excellence in Japan

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Macnica Inc. headquartered at Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Kazumasa Hara, hereinafter referred to as “Macnica” is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Orangeleaf Consulting, CEO, Ellice Ng Pui San, a renowned digital transformation consultancy in Malaysia. The collaboration aims to strengthen Enterprise Digital Transformation (DX) capabilities and drive innovation within the Japanese manufacturing market. Orangeleaf Consulting brings a wealth of experience in guiding global organizations through successful digital transformations, with a proven track record of implementing cutting-edge technologies and strategies in the global market.

Macnica Inc. Selected Leading Innovation Consultancy Orangeleaf Consulting in Malaysia to Propel Accelerated Digital Transformation Excellence in Japan
Macnica Inc. Selected Leading Innovation Consultancy Orangeleaf Consulting in Malaysia to Propel Accelerated Digital Transformation Excellence in Japan

At Orangeleaf Consulting, helmed by visionary, Ellice Ng, “We are honored to collaborate with Macnica, a leader in the technology solutions space in Japan. Together, we look forward to driving meaningful digital transformation outcomes and contributing to the success of Macnica’s clients in the manufacturing industry. We aim not just to influence, but to revolutionize the way people think and act in the enterprise software industry through advance technology. Our ultimate aspiration: Operate dynamically, pushing boundaries to achieve audacious goals, instilling a culture of relentless innovation and unparalleled success.”

In addition, Ellice also mentioned the manufacturing industry is a significant and integral part of Japan’s economy. Japan has long been recognized as a major global player in manufacturing, particularly in sectors such as automotive, electronics, machinery, and precision equipment.

Problem Statement: Why is Digital Transformation (DX) in Japan’s manufacturing industry not progressing? The challenge is to cultivate DX culture and develop human resources.
The wave of Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution), which was born in Germany in 2011, greatly shook the manufacturing industry in Japan. Many companies in Japan have been calling for “DX (digital transformation) in the manufacturing industry and have set up DX promotion departments and managers to make investments. DX is a strategic initiative that involves the adoption and integration of digital technologies to drive organizational growth, improve operations, and deliver enhanced value to customers.

However, many companies face obstacles in cultivating a DX culture and developing human resources for effective implementation. The lack of alignment in mindset and culture between top management and business departments is identified as a major internal barrier. A true DX requires in-house capabilities, highlighting the importance of developing internal leaders who can design business processes across departments. Macnica, a key player in the DX field aim to advocate for the use of the latest technology platform low-code tools to involve individuals without coding knowledge in projects, fostering collaboration between business and IT departments.

Digital Transformation (DX) team is crucial in the modern business landscape to enhance business processes, improve efficiency, and foster innovation.
Macnica’s vision focuses on an “experience-first” approach, encouraging trial and error to address challenges in manufacturing sites. The company believes that in-house initiatives are crucial for the success of DX, allowing for greater speed, flexibility, and response to site-specific needs. Macnica recently introduced its Digital Synergy Factory-low-code development support service as a means to materialize its vision and accelerate manufacturing DX support services. The company has also welcomed a knowledgeable partner to further enhance its efforts in this domain.

Macnica’s decision to collaborates with its partner, Orangeleaf from Malaysia – the leading low-code expert, to provide comprehensive Digital Transformation (DX) consulting using low-code technology. Having successfully implemented over 100 DX projects in manufacturing, insurance, and retail across Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia, Orangeleaf Consulting focus is on empowering clients to drive their DX initiatives without lock-in contract. The support spans from long-term planning to agile application development, including information on cutting-edge technologies. Macnica and Orangeleaf aim to contribute to the advancement of DX in the Japanese manufacturing industry by leveraging best practices and offering holistic assistance in consulting, human resource development, and organizational building.

Orangeleaf impressed the “experience-first” using low-code tools with Macnica Employees 
Macnica had a challenge in their semiconductor business – it used to take 15 minutes for sales people to set delivery dates for certain customers using a mix of data from ERP and Excel. To solve this, Macnica teamed up with Orangeleaf to create a simple app using low-code technology. The amazing part? The whole process, from planning to using the improved system, only took 14 hours! Now, instead of 15 minutes each time, they get things done in just seconds. It worked so well that now more ideas for improving their business keep popping up.


About Macnica’s Smart Manufacturing Business
Macnica is also involved in DX support for the manufacturing industry based on the technological capabilities it has cultivated as a semiconductor trading company and its experience in implementing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT. In the future, as DX accelerates in the manufacturing industry, security issues will also emerge. Macnica has also introduced the world’s most advanced technology in the field of security to Japan. Japan’s manufacturing industry faces a unique set of challenges. Macnica will strive to create new business opportunities and develop society by discovering issues together and promoting DX while staying close to customers’ concerns. 

About Orangeleaf Consulting 
Orangeleaf Consulting, a trailblazing digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Malaysia, stands at the forefront of empowering organizations to embrace innovation and navigate the evolving landscape of technology. With a commitment to driving impactful change, Orangeleaf specializes in advance technology such as low-code solutions, offering a swift and effective approach to application development and process improvement.

Orangeleaf Consulting believes in more than just technological solutions; we strive to instigate meaningful cultural shifts within organizations, fostering innovation and paving the way for sustainable success.

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About Macnica Inc
Macnica is a service/solution company that handles the latest technologies in a comprehensive manner, centered on semiconductors and cyber security. Developing business in 81 locations in 23 countries/regions around the world, leveraging the technological capabilities and global network cultivated over a history of more than 50 years, we discover, propose, and implement cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, and autonomous driving.

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