Saturday, July 13, 2024

Meet Fortinet Advisor, a Generative AI Assistant that Accelerates Threat Investigation and Remediation

Fortinet, the leading force in global cybersecurity that has been blending the realms of networking and security, announced the integration of Fortinet Advisor, a Generative AI (GenAI) assistant, into its arsenal of over 40 AI-driven solutions. For over a decade, AI has been the cornerstone of the Fortinet Security Fabric and the threat intelligence and security services provided by FortiGuard Labs. The introduction of GenAI marks Fortinet’s freshest stride in innovating to safeguard customers and ensure the continuity of online business operations. The debut of Fortinet Advisor is set to bolster and navigate security operations (SecOps) teams, enabling quicker investigation and resolution of threats than previously possible.

“Fortinet has been at the forefront of AI innovations in cybersecurity. We have introduced over 40 AI-empowered solutions, placing the transformative capabilities of this technology into the hands of our customers,” Cherry Fung, Fortinet’s Regional Director for Hong Kong, Macau, and Mongolia, expressed. “We are thrilled to enhance our stature as pioneers in AI cybersecurity innovation with the Fortinet Advisor, which harnesses the extensive intelligence network of Fortinet with the advantages of GenAI, thereby boosting the productivity of security teams and hastening the detection and resolution of threats.”

Fortinet Advisor Enhances the Capabilities of SecOps Teams

Fortinet Advisor is now accessible through FortiSIEM, Fortinet’s security information and event management solution, and FortiSOAR, Fortinet’s solution for security orchestration, automation, and response.

Fortinet’s Security Operations Solutions have significantly reduced the duration required for customers to pinpoint and neutralize threats from upwards of 20 days to under an hour. They have also compressed the time frame for investigation and remediation from more than 18 hours to 15 minutes or less. Fortinet Advisor optimizes this process by delivering immediate, context-aware incident analysis, remediation guidance, and playbook templates in natural language, thus enabling SecOps teams to further diminish the average time for threat detection and response while also enhancing their organization’s overall risk profile.

Advantages of Fortinet Advisor for SecOps Teams:

  • Deciphers Security Incidents: Fortinet Advisor swiftly processes alerts, offering easily digestible incident summaries that include context and prospective impact, all within a matter of seconds.
  • Formulates Complex Investigative Queries: Fortinet Advisor assists security analysts in crafting effective queries for investigations by translating their inquiries, phrased in natural language, into precise syntax that yields beneficial outcomes.
  • Drafts Remediation Strategies: Fortinet Advisor proposes quick-response threat remediation plans, fine-tuning these proposals based on real-time feedback from analysts.
  • Facilitates Playbook Development: Security architects can utilize Fortinet Advisor to create playbook templates, swiftly converting procedures into executable strategies.

Fortinet AI and product experts are committed to the ongoing enhancement and refinement of Fortinet Advisor. The assistant’s knowledge repository is regularly updated with the latest threat intelligence, ensuring optimal interaction and outcomes.

Over a Decade of Leading AI-Powered Threat Management

Having led AI innovation for more than a decade, Fortinet has provided over 700,000 customers with AI-powered tools, including FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services, FortiAIOps, FortiEDR, and FortiAnalyzer. The deployment of AI throughout the Fortinet Security Fabric is instrumental in detecting zero-day threats, combating the most intricate of today’s cyberattacks, and enabling IT teams to correct and resolve network and security issues preemptively.