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MFT KOREA opens direct transaction platform for automotive filters, ‘we will accelerate global market entrance’

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MFT KOREA, a car filter manufacturing company, has opened its official website and started to expand its market share. In particular, MFT KOREA declared a full-fledged expansion of its overseas sales network and announced a management policy to strengthen its global competitiveness.

MFT KOREA is an automotive filter manufacturing company established in 1988 and produces fuel, oil, air conditioners, and air filters. According to MFT KOREA, amid the widespread monopoly in the distribution of automotive parts by large companies, the company created an official website to strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturing companies in distribution.

The demand group for MFT KOREA’s official website is car center operation customers. Meanwhile, MFT KOREA is planning to sell overseas through the Post Office’s international delivery service. Above all, the company’s strength is supplying quality products at a reasonable cost through minimizing distribution margins by adopting a factory direct transaction method.

Another advantage of MFT KOREA is quick product delivery time. As a direct manufacturer, product shipping is guaranteed within 1-2 business days. Furthermore, additional items are also shipped directly from the factory, providing low-cost yet high-quality products.

MFT KOREA is currently selling car filter products through its official website. In the future, the company plans to launch additional products such as brakes, wipers, and engine oil.

The CEO of MFT KOREA said: “It is attractive to be able to purchase small quantities of products from multiple models of domestic automotive companies at one time on one site.” He added: “We plan to accelerate the global market entrance. In the case of overseas direct sales, buyers must go through a multi-stage distribution structure. By excluding this network, buyers can purchase cheap and good products through international delivery without any distribution margins.”