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Much Attention Earned for Processing Machinery Equipment and Building Materials at 134th Canton Fair Online Platform

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 134th Canton Fair continues to serve the exhibitors and buyers through its online platform after the offline exhibition concluded on November 4th. Processing Machinery Equipment and Building Materials are very popular and attract many global buyers to delve into potential business cooperation.

Golden Chef Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading and professional manufacturer in food-grade machinery and baking equipment presents its latest Gas Oven (Luxury type). Equipped with imported heating tubes, the automatic control module keeps the temperature constant. The oven is made of superior steel and equipped with aluminum silicate thermal insulation foam, therefore it is strong, long-lasting, and saves energy. The precise temperature control by the micro-computer makes it a top choice for barbecue restaurants, supermarkets, and so on. Click here to get more info:

The time-honored enterprise Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd. in the commercial washing machinery production industry shows its Barrier Washer at the Canton Fair online platform. Its embedded computer controller allows operation by human-machine dialogue in both Chinese and English. The airbag shock absorber comes with particularly high strength to keep the machine stable and efficient. A convenient, reliable and safe user experience will be guaranteed thanks to its automatic door control. Two independent operation areas, clean room and unclean room respectively, can prevent unnecessary pollution, making it a great product for dust-free workshops and hospital laundry. Click here to get more info:

Building and Decoration Materials is quite eye-catching as well. Yekalon Industry, INC. presents the innovative bathroom mirror with outstanding performance. Yekalon applies eco-friendly glass and dual-color LED lights to give the product longer duration, clearer images, and switchable light sources. Smart anti-fog function and bluetooth speaker suit the customized needs and brings superior experience for users. Click here to get more info:

The Canton Fair online platform is offering various services on a regular basis for global buyers and exhibitors for more opportunities. For additional information about the exhibition, please visit the Canton Fair’s official website or get in touch with