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Odoo And Ricoh Announce Strategic Partnership To Revolutionize Hong Kong Officescape

HONG KONG, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Multinational electronic and digital business solution company Ricoh Hong Kong Limited and Belgian business management software firm Odoo announced a strategic partnership in November 2023.

Odoo and Ricoh announce a strategic partnership.
Odoo and Ricoh announce a strategic partnership.

Imagining new technology to change the modern digital workplace, Ricoh commits to empowering local businesses with holistic and tailored office solutions that optimize the effort of your team—physical or remote—while promising cybersecurity and workflow automation.

Odoo is known for its fully-featured and modular business management solutions across the retail, manufacturing, and trading sectors. Welcoming Odoo 17, the latest annual product upgrade, the open-source software company introduces the Payroll app to Hong Kong, expanding human resources and finance management services while revamping the other 70+ official apps with new features.

A famous quote by Henry Ford comes to mind when we are looking for strategic partnerships: ‘Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.’ Ricoh and Odoo’s Strategic Partnership is one of mutual interest and benefit. With Ricoh’s experience in hardware and software technologies and Odoo’s expertise in business software, it only made sense to collaborate as we are driven by the same goal—building success with technology tools we love.” — Emmanual Lawas, Head of Partnership & Alliances at Odoo APAC

The partnership now brings the best of both worlds to revolutionize the Hong Kong officescape. The Ricoh-Odoo duo commits to bringing exceptional printing and smart office devices to the local office scene with an Odoo-backed online system to streamline all operations, facilitating a professional hybrid working style with software and hardware support.

As Odoo’s strategic partner, Ricoh is equipped with extensive Odoo product knowledge and the Quickstart Implementation Methodology. Combining its years of experience designing industry-specific software solutions, Ricoh dedicates a team to projects from this partnership and is confident in delivering tailored Odoo systems to local businesses across sectors, from manufacturing and trading to retail and service, to empower them with efficient and integrated business management solutions.

Furthermore, the partners will host a series of co-organized events in the future to showcase their integrated solutions.

We are confident in expanding services sustainably by tailoring even better and more convenient software solutions for our customers with Odoo. The flexibility of low-code Odoo offers is the trend in workflow automation. Combining it with Ricoh’s years of experience in solution customization, this partnership with Odoo is definitely a beneficial addition to our business.Ricky Chong, Chief Operating Officer at Ricoh Hong Kong Limited.

While Ricoh continues to lead the hardware market with world-class office electronics, Odoo expands its share in the software market by offering all-in-one and scalable business management apps to streamline operations. Joining forces, the alliance aspires to serve Hong Kong companies with top-notch office and corporate management solutions.

About Odoo

Odoo is a Belgian online business management software with a complete suite of business modules. The open-source service provider operates in 19 locations worldwide, including the United States, Hong Kong, and Dubai. With 70+ official apps and 39k+ third-party apps, Odoo manages businesses’ finance, sales, inventory & manufacturing processes, human resources, marketing, team productivity, and more.

About Ricoh (Hong Kong) Limited

Established in 1963, Ricoh (Hong Kong) Co., ltd. focuses on digital services and office solutions. With Hybrid Workplace, Workflow & Automation, Cloud & IT Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity as the four areas of expertise, Ricoh is dedicated to making digital transformation more accessible to modern businesses. Ricoh is an advocate of corporate evolution and realizes that through its digital services and four customer values: Simplifying Complexity, Uncovering Hidden Opportunities, Overcoming Obstacles, and Embracing Diversity, bringing people and technology together.