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Pocket PangPang, Korea’s new concept shopping platform, has launched in Thailand

Officially launched a 200 Baht single-price mobile shopping mall service in Thailand

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pocket PangPang, Korea’s single-price mobile shopping platform, officially began its service in Thailand in December 2023.

Millions of individuals in Korea currently utilize single-price mobile shopping.

Pocket PangPang is a new kind of mobile shopping mall that took the grand prize in the 2023 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index Awards among single-price shopping malls in Korea. Thanks to popular demand, Pocket PangPang app has already established itself as a prominent entertainment retail and app tech platform in Korea.

HONEST TRADING (CEO Jeslyn Sooin Kim), a logistics distribution company based in Bangkok, Thailand, and BUDA Co., Ltd., a Korean Pocket PangPang operator, collaborated to launch Pocket PangPang in Thailand.

Pocket PangPang automatically matches a customer with one product from a selection of food, household items, cosmetics, smartphones, and luxury designer goods for a single price of 200 Baht. All items sold at Pocket PangPang have a retail price of 200 Baht or more, and customers can instantly check what they have purchased. This is what sets Pocket PangPang apart from Mystery Box. If the customer does not like or need the matched product, it may be returned in the form of app points, swapped.

Pocket PangPang announced that it would continue to update diverse goods and brand items, as well as host events for Thai users. To celebrate the release in Thailand, Pocket PangPang is presently hosting an event in which all users who sign up for Pocket PangPang will get free points to buy product boxes.

Pocket PangPang is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.