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Propelling the Building of a Community of Shared Future between China and Vietnam: A Chinese Company Signed a Contract for a 916 MW Wind Power Project in Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, a Chinese company has added another example of propelling the energy transformation of Vietnam. The Power Construction Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as POWERCHINA) and the Trungnam Group signed an EPC contract for the 916 MW wind power project cluster in Hanoi, Vietnam to conduct in-depth discussions on cooperation in the energy and electric power field. The agreement signifies a positive contribution to the adjustment of Vietnam’s energy structure and the reduction of carbon emissions.

China and Vietnam are linked by mountains and rivers, sharing common cultures, common ideals and a common destiny. On December 2th, the Vietnamese newspaper – The People, published an article signed by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, titled “Building a China-Vietnam Community of Shared Future with Strategic Significance and Opening a New Chapter of Joining Hands towards Modernization”. The article points out that we adhere to the integration of benefits. Chinese companies have built the largest photovoltaic industry cluster overseas in Vietnam, and the photovoltaic and wind power stations invested and constructed have been making positive contributions to the energy transformation and development of Vietnam. Multiple waste-to-energy projects have been invested and built in places such as Hanoi and Can Tho.

POWERCHINA has been leveraging its advantages in the entire industry chain to build a large number of reputable and replicable clean energy projects in Vietnam. So far, 50 new energy projects such as onshore wind power, offshore wind power, and photovoltaics have been completed or under construction in Vietnam, with a total installed capacity of 5,540 megawatts, making POWERCHINA the largest electricity EPC enterprise in the Vietnamese market for five consecutive years. The new energy projects constructed can reduce carbon emissions by 7.5 million tons annually, while offering over 150,000 job opportunities in Vietnam.

PV Project in Dau Tieng, Vietnam
PV Project in Dau Tieng, Vietnam

In Can Tho, Vietnam, 400 tons of household wastes are converted into electricity every day, providing approximately 60 million KWH of green electricity for the entire city. This waste-to-energy power generation project in Can Tho is constructed by POWERCHINA. Here, the team carries out in-depth quality management work to make the value of smoke emission particles far lower than Vietnam’s national standards and EU 2010 standards. It has been selected by the UN South-South Cooperation as an environmental sustainability and climate action urban innovation project, and is eligible for the typical green “Belt and Road” project at the Commemorative Summit Marking the 30th Anniversary of  ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations.

As a representative of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam, POWERCHINA adheres to project development as the driving force to gear up design and construction, equipment manufacturing, and power plant operation and maintenance businesses, building a high-quality localized business ecosystem, striving for the goal of “Building a China-Vietnam Community of Shared Future with Strategic Significance ” through practical actions, making positive contributions to helping Vietnam achieve the “2050 carbon neutrality”.