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Qasim Power Plant: Igniting the Light of Hope for the Belt and Road

BEIJING, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —   A news report from Ifeng News:

Qasim Power Plant, located in Port Qasim, Pakistan, officially started on May 21, 2015. After 36 months, two generator units are all grid-connected in advance. It’s Pakistan’s “Project 1”, responsible for supplying electricity to over 4 million local households. After being launched, it has provided stable and reliable power services to southern Pakistan.

The Pakistan Government and people have given strong support during the Plant’s construction. State Secretary Hassan Mahmood said, “The Qasim Power Plant demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to infrastructure construction and opens a new chapter in our energy sector.” Pakistan’s Central Power Purchasing Agency and National Grid think highly of the project in power shortages alleviation, electricity prices reduction, and the upgrade of energy structure, economic and social development, and take it as Pakistan’s most reliable power energy supply base.

Qasim Power Plant has become Pakistan’s green power station with the largest installed capacity, the highest load rate, the lowest electricity price for many years. Its key technical indicators have obtained PPAC certification.

The Pakistan Qasim Power Plant is the first energy project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the BRI. PICC has undertaken over 70% of the insurance share, providing comprehensive insurance coverage from construction to operation including engineering construction insurance, profit and loss insurance for delayed completion, etc.

“We are very pleased that the Plant is operating, which will increase our power generation capacity and stable the electricity supply.” Mahmood added.

The project will significantly improve local power supply. The power generated by the station accounts for about 10% of entire electricity supply of Pakistan National Grid, alleviating the local power shortage and optimizing the energy structure.

Today, this imposing modern power station erects along Pakistan’s vast southern coastline. The project illustrates that the ChinaPakistan friendship is “higher than mountains, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey”. It lights up thousands of households and the BRI cooperation.

PICC will always accompany with the “Belt and Road” construction. PICC has provided service to every aspect of the BRI since it was proposed.

PICC has insured over 4,200 overseas investment and infrastructure construction projects related to BRI in the past decade, providing risk insurance of over 13 trillion yuan. It has basically covered all “Belt and Road” partners and key areas like transportation, petroleum equipment, power engineering, communication equipment.