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Revolutionizing Way of Support: SheisDAO Unleashes KRM Program Empowered by NFTs to Champion Influencers

SINGAPORE, Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sheis, inc  the trailblazing advocate for women’s empowerment (Headquarters: Singapore; CEO: Toto Deng), proudly announces the launch of the Key Role Model (KRM) program under the flagship of SheisDAO, commencing December 27th.

Breaking boundaries, this groundbreaking program harnesses the power of NFTs, empowering fans to champion their admired role models and influencers, KRM, in a myriad of impactful ways. As supporters invest, KRMs reciprocate with exclusive offers, bridging the gap between them and their devoted followers.

Celebrating this milestone, the inaugural phase unveils the release of NFTs from two exemplary KRMs.

Inside the KRM Program:

SheisDAO’s KRM Program redefines how fans engage with Key Role Models (KRMs) – known as influencers – by allowing them to purchase NFTs, providing both sustained backing and financial benefits as these NFTs appreciate in value. Fans, in return, unlock a world of “utility” – special offers directly from KRMs – in this innovative platform.

Meet the Pioneering KRMs from December 27th:


Suya’s story is one of diversity and dynamism. Born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and raised in a Taiwanese family, she embodies a fusion of cultures. This multicultural icon has journeyed from the skies as a flight attendant to the forefront of innovation as the founder of Sheis. As Mrs. Japan Worldwide and a debutant DJ, Suya is not just a trendsetter but a visionary producing exclusive content for SheisDAO. Her life is a tapestry of varied experiences, each thread representing a step in her journey of constant evolution.


Shoi isn’t just a name; she’s a movement. With a multinational background, she captivates audiences globally, turning every encounter into a lesson in style. Recognized both as a fashion styling platform and an internationally acclaimed stylist training institution, Ikushi by Shoi redefines what it means to be stylish. She’s more than a stylist; she’s a mentor, empowering through fashion and transforming personal images worldwide.

Unlocking Suya & Shoi’s Digital Badges:

By acquiring NFTs of KRMs Suya and Shoi, supporters gain access to exclusive offers:

  • Suya: Fans can meet Suya in person at a Tokyo music event and secure priority access to future Web3 events or Suya Tokens.
  • Shoi: Exclusive lessons in styling and priority access to Shoi Tokens or immersive events for Japanese and Chinese-speaking audiences.

Release Date (Global):

Starting from December 27th at 10:00 AM.

Where to Purchase:

Available on opensea and SheisDAO’s KRM Digital Batch Utility Purchase Site, with limited quantities for a restricted period. Buyers from the SheisDAO KRM Digital Batch Utility Purchase Site will receive instructions to claim the NFT within one month via the registered email address.

Purchase Instructions & Pricing:

Details to be unveiled on Suya and Shoi’s Instagram accounts on December 27th!

Upcoming KRMs in January and Beyond:

Stay tuned for new KRMs making their debut in January 2024, including an artist/actress captivating audiences in Japan with her animal-inspired oil paintings.

For purchase guidelines and the latest updates, follow SheisDAO’s Instagram and Telegram channels, where our team promptly assists with queries!

About Sheis DAO:

SheisDAO is a SocialFi + DAO platform transforming how users engage with influencers. Here, Key Role Models (KRMs) publish NFTs with utilities, creating their own decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Empowering KRMs to share know-how, time, services, and products, SheisDAO is not just a platform—it’s a catalyst for the digital influence economy. Our mission is to empower women towards financial independence, fostering a sustainable freelance working style for all.