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Singapore and Shenzhen Drive Smart City Collaboration with 14 New Projects

  • 14 new joint projects were launched at the 4th SingaporeChina (Shenzhen) Smart City Initiative (SCI) Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) meeting
  • Eight MOUs and four projects dedicated to smart city development were signed on the sidelines of SCI 

SINGAPORE, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) announced the inking of eight Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with key partners from Shenzhen and launching of 14 new joint projects at the 4th SingaporeChina (Shenzhen) Smart City Initiative (SCI) Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) meeting. On the sidelines, four companies signed MOUs committing to be the first batch to operate in the smart city demonstration zone. These new projects reflect the continued interest from enterprises on both sides to build on the good momentum of the SCI and seize new opportunities in the digital economy.


The 4th SCI JIC meeting was held in Shenzhen and co-chaired by Singapore Permanent Secretary for Communications and Information, Mr. Joseph Leong, and a representative from the Chinese government.

Mr Joseph Leong said, “Singapore and Shenzhen share many complementarities given our focus on harnessing digital technologies for the common good, and our openness to new ideas and talent. I am confident that the Smart City Initiative will continue to serve as an important platform to pursue collaboration in forward-looking areas.”

Strengthening Cooperation between Singapore and Shenzhen in Digital Innovation

The SCI was launched in 2019 to build stronger digital and business linkages between Singapore and Shenzhen. The initiative focuses on three core pillars for collaboration, namely: (i) digital connectivity, (ii) innovation and entrepreneurship, and (iii) talent exchange development. The SCI seeks to create opportunities for Singapore-based enterprises to tap the Chinese market in the Greater Bay Area, and for Chinese companies to enter the Southeast Asian markets through Singapore.

Eight MOUs were signed at the sidelines of the SCI JIC meeting to promote collaborations in a range of sectors including AI, innovation and talent exchange. The meeting also introduced 14 new joint projects in emerging areas such as AI and sustainability. Notable projects include the use of AI for logistics in e-commerce, green energy storage, smart rehabilitation care, and smart city solutions. To-date, a total of 43 projects have been initiated and 29 MOUs have been signed at SCI JIC meetings.

In addition to the MOUs and joint projects under SCI, the Singapore-Shenzhen Smart City Demonstration Zone is a joint initiative that serves as a testing ground for pioneering smart city technologies and solutions. Four new projects were established in the Demonstration Zone, focusing on new-generation information technology, digital economy, low-carbon solutions, and biomedicine. These projects aim to unlock innovative solutions and establish best practices in smart city technologies, and drive deeper collaborations between Singapore and Shenzhen companies through knowledge sharing and talent exchange.

Please refer to Annex A for the list of MOUs signed at the 4th SCI JIC Meeting and Annex B for the list of joint projects.


About Ministry of Communication and Information

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) oversees the development of the infocomm technology, cyber security, and media sectors; the national library, national archives and public libraries; as well as the Government’s information and public communication policies. MCI’s mission is to engage hearts and minds to achieve a thriving digital future for all.

About Infocomm Media Development Authority

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) leads Singapore’s digital transformation by developing a vibrant digital economy and an inclusive digital society. As Architects of Singapore’s Digital Future, we foster growth in Infocomm Technology and Media sectors in concert with progressive regulations, harnessing frontier technologies, and developing local talent and digital infrastructure ecosystems to establish Singapore as a digital metropolis.

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Annex A: List of MOUs signed at the 4th SCI JIC Meeting


Title of MOU

Description of MOU

Memorandum of Understanding between
Keppel and Peking University concerning Smart
Community Sustainable Cooperation Evaluation
System and Application Research

Keppel and PKU will collaborate to promote
smart city development and management
through the field of smart city spatiotemporal
data analysis, and the training of talents in data
science and big data technology.

Memorandum of Understanding between
Capitaland Investment (China) and Qianhai
Service Group Co., Ltd.

Capitaland Investment (China) and Qianhai
Service Group will jointly set up a
development fund for Shenzhen Qianhai
Smart City Cooperation and Innovation
Business Park. The two parties will
collaborate in key areas such as digital
connectivity, talent exchange and
development, technology cooperation and
innovation, and cooperation demonstration
zones, to promote the development of the
Shenzhen-Singapore Qianhai Smart City
Cooperative and Innovative Demonstration
Park, and to further promote the
implementation of China-Singapore

Memorandum of Understanding between
Hashmeta Pte Ltd and Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-
painted Technology and Culture Co., Ltd.

Hashmeta Pte Ltd and Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-
painted Technology Culture Co., Ltd. will
collaborate on various projects related to
digitalization of IP drawing systems, digital
human marketing, and intelligent animation
creation products.

Memorandum of Understanding between
QuikBot Technologies Pte Ltd and Shenzhen
Intelligence Guardforce Robot Technology Co.,

QuikBot Technologies Pte. Ltd. And Shenzhen
Intelligence Guardforce Robot Technology Co.,
Ltd. will co-develop the next generation of
autonomous delivery devices and IoT devices.
The collaboration aims to achieve automation
in last-mile delivery, improve logistics
efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer

Talent Exchange

Title of MOU

Description of MOU

Memorandum of Understanding between
Momentum Works Pte Ltd and Shenzhen
Qianhai International Talent Service Center Co.
Ltd regarding the establishment of
Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation between
Qianhai International Talent Service Center and
Momentum Works

The strategic collaboration between Qianhai
International Talent Service Center and
Momentum Works aims to facilitate talent,
investment and technology flow between
Qianhai and Singapore, and promote leveraging
Qianhai & Singapore as hubs for Chinese tech
companies to expand international markets and
for Southeast Asia/international businesses to
establish presence in China.

Memorandum of Understanding between
China-Singapore International Joint Research
Institute and The Chinese University of
Hong Kong, Shenzhen 

The two parties will establish a Joint Research
Centre on Smart Energy Storage to advance
research and development on novel energy
storage & systems including new lithium
battery materials and technologies, and explore
commercialization potential for
China, Singapore and
Southeast Asia markets.

Memorandum of Understanding between
Shenzhen Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. and
ONE Championship China  (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The partnership aims to contribute to the
development of sports and sports industry in
Shenzhen. The collaboration will be
comprehensive and multi-level, with both
parties leveraging their respective strengths to
achieve mutual benefits and support each
other’s growth.

Strategic pillar: AI

Title of MOU

Description of MOU

Memorandum of Understanding between EE
Music Singapore and Shenzhen Shenkun
Technology Co. Ltd regarding the development
and R&D of an AI Intelligent Music Metaverse
Interactive System

EE Music Singapore and Shenzhen
Shenkun Technology Co. Ltd aims to combine
the concepts of music education and
metaverse to jointly develop an AI music
metaverse interactive system and device
through the application of artificial intelligence
model training, virtual reality, and HoloXR digital

ANNEX B: List of 14 New Joint Projects launched at the 4th SCI JIC Meeting

  1. Crimson Logic – ABK Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd to develop a cross-border trade logistics digital intelligence platform to improve e-commerce logistics efficiency.
  2. Keppel  – Guangdong Provincial Public Service Intelligent Computing Laboratory, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University to develop sustainable operation systems and smart community applications.
  3. China-Singapore International Joint Research Institute  – The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) establish a joint research centre to develop new energy storage technology for advancing renewable energy and optimising energy supply structure.
  4. Singapore Rehabilitation Institute – Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen to develop AI-driven assisted living for personalised rehabilitation care.
  5. Nanyang Technological UniversitySun Yat-sen University Shenzhen to build AI algorithms for smart city applications and a platform that integrates sensing, communication, computing, and control for federated swam intelligence.
  6. Fooyo – Olin Game Space (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.  to develop a cross-border tourism plugin for foreign visitors traveling to Shenzhen to experience Shenzhen seamlessly from content discovery, to digital payment.
  7. ONE Championship (Singapore) Pte Ltd – world’s leading sports entertainment company, Shenzhen Sports Industry Group will host a world top combat sports event, to jointly create an international sports event intellectual property with Shenzhen characteristics.
  8. Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP intends to set up its second representative office in China and has chosen Qianhai as the location in response to Shenzhen Qianhai’s strategy to build itself as an international legal service center.
  9. EE Music Singapore – Shenzhen Shenkun Technology Co. Ltd to create an AI intelligent music metaverse interactive system for music education and production. 
  10. Hashmeta Pte Ltd – Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-painted Technology and Culture Co., Ltd.  will promote the application of digital human technology for new marketing and promotion methods.
  11. Momentum Works Pte Ltd – Shenzhen Qianhai International Talent Service Centre Co., Ltd will promote & facilitate cross border exchange of talent, business expansion and investment through Qianhai, leveraging resources and community connections across Southeast Asia and beyond.
  12. National University of Singapore Business School – Shenzhen Bosum Management Science Research Institute Co., Ltd will promote business services, business training and cultural exchanges between Singapore and small and medium-sized business owners in China and Southeast Asian countries.
  13. Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) – Shenzhen Bay Area Network Consulting Co., Ltd aims to nurture talent and promote the development of tertiary education in the Greater Bay Area through the Success Academy established by SUSS. The Success Academy will serve as a key nexus for academic and industry partners in Singapore and China to catalyse partnerships geared towards unlocking new learning experiences and real-workplace training opportunities for students and professionals alike.
  14. QuikBot Technologies Pte Ltd – Shenzhen Intelligence Guardforce Robot Technology Co., Ltd will collaborate to co-develop an innovative deep-tech logistics delivery system that leverages robotoics, IoT and cloud computing technologies. It aims to address the challenges of global logistics and contribute to the growth of smart cities.