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SOMO — Revolutionizing the Global Influencer Industry with Intelligent Solutions


  • SOMO introduces SOMO Community, revolutionizing influencer marketing by enhancing brand-influencer connections and campaign efficiency worldwide.
  • SOMO boasts a robust influencer search engine, offering comprehensive solutions for global brand clients.
  • SOMO emphasizes quality control, transparency, and innovation, exemplified by one-click connections, real-time monitoring, and SOMO Community’s global reach for mutual brand-influencer success.

HONG KONG, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BlueFocus, a trailblazer in the marketing industry, is actively exploring how the Metaverse and AI will shape the future landscape of marketing in the coming decade. Today, on a global scale, WARC recognizes BlueFocus among the top 10 advertising agencies, notably as the sole representative from China.

*SOMO Brand Photo
*SOMO Brand Photo

Meanwhile, under the BlueFocus umbrella, SOMO, the premier marketing service platform for global influencer transactions, proudly introduces SOMO Community. This revolutionary feature is designed to strengthen the connection between brands and influencers, empowering advertisers to execute more efficient influencer marketing campaigns

SOMO has long been at the forefront of influencer marketing, utilizing its robust influencer search engine that seamlessly connects over 70 million influencers worldwide across major platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others. The platform provides comprehensive influencer marketing solutions, solidifying its position as the go-to choice for global brand clients.

On the SOMO platform, brand clients can leverage advanced multidimensional search engines and global data services to effortlessly identify influencers aligned with their brand ethos. The personalized matching mechanism and precise KOL analysis reports enable brand clients to make informed decisions, maximizing the efficiency of influencer marketing. As part of its innovative approach, SOMO introduces a one-click feature to connect with preferred influencers, streamlining collaboration processes and accelerating brand exposure and partnership success.

SOMO places significant emphasis on quality control and supervision throughout the transaction process, ensuring trustworthiness and transparency in collaborations. Users benefit from real-time monitoring of campaign effectiveness through SOMO’s influencer search engine, global data services, and transaction monitoring, attracting potential consumers and achieving precise KOL promotions to support ongoing business expansion and enhance brand influence.

The official launch of SOMO Community signifies a comprehensive support system for brand clients, marking a new era in influencer marketing. With over 30,000 creators and support from 9,000+ MCNs, brand activities will instantly reach a global audience, providing intelligent support for brand market expansion.

In this journey filled with innovation and opportunities, SOMO remains committed to its leadership role, building a tighter, more efficient collaboration bridge between brand clients and influencer creators. Together, we strive for mutual success, co-authoring a prosperous future.

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