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State Grid Heze Dingtao Power Supply Company: Power Escort & Green Travel

HEZE, China, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — To ensure the green travel of owners of new energy vehicles (NEVs), State Grid Heze Dingtao Power Supply Company, organized power personnel to carry out special inspections of electric vehicle charging stations in its jurisdiction, comprehensively investigating and eliminating potential safety hazards of equipment, and ensuring the safe and normal operation of charging piles.

“Make the electricity wait for the vehicle, not the vehicle wait for the electricity.” Dingtao Power Supply Company regularly patrols and checks the charging piles in its jurisdiction, focusing on whether the internal components of the charging piles are installed firmly, whether the wiring in the charging piles is loose, and whether there are burning traces, so as to eliminate the hidden dangers of charging pile equipment operation in a timely manner. Meanwhile, explain the correct use of charging piles to customers who use charging piles in detail, and give warm tips on the safe charging operation process and precautions, so as to make “green travel” more convenient and comfortable.

As more and more people choose to drive NEVs for green travel, the demand for charging piles has increased. State Grid Heze Dingtao Power Supply Company, has continuously improved the expansion project of supporting infrastructure for charging piles, increased the construction of electric vehicle charging stations and charging piles, used sufficient power to sustain green travel, illuminated a better life, and promoted the realization of the goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”. (Fu Ang, Gao Chao)