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TeraBox Unveils “Every Moment Stored, Every Joy Shared” Christmas Campaign, Enriching Festive Celebrations with Secure Cloud Storage

Capture, Store, and Share Joyful Christmas Moments with TeraBox

TOKYO, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This Christmas, TeraBox, a cloud storage innovation from Japanese technology firm Flextech Inc., is embracing the festive spirit with its “Every Moment Stored, Every Joy Shared” campaign. With discounts and special gifts on offer through the TeraBox app, this initiative highlights how TeraBox’s secure, high-capacity, and user-friendly features make it seamless for users to safeguard and share their cherished Christmas moments.

“TeraBox is more than just a cloud storage service. It is a bridge connecting families, friends, and cherished memories. This Christmas, we offer more than just storage space, as we’re providing a platform to share joy and love. Every photo and video stored in TeraBox is a cherished capture of beautiful moments,” said Yu Furuya, product lead at TeraBox. “We wish users globally a safe, joyful festive season and invite them to eternally preserve their cherished Christmas memories with TeraBox.”

As a personalized cloud storage service, TeraBox is dedicated to offering secure, convenient solutions, including 1TB (1024GB) of free storage. The platform employs advanced security protocols, including SSL, encryption algorithms, and access controls, ensuring the highest level of data protection. Endorsed with ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and ISO 27018 certifications, TeraBox guarantees top-tier security and privacy for sensitive data. As of December 2023, TeraBox serves 250 million registered users, with over 20 million active daily users across 231 countries and regions.

Echoing the brand’s slogan, “Memories Will Always Be Here,” the campaign aligns with TeraBox’s commitment to security, ample storage, and seamless sharing, enabling users to easily store and share delightful Christmas experiences.

TeraBox is an ideal platform for storing and sharing holiday memories, offering secure, substantial space to preserve and share the season’s joy and love. This festive season, users can access premium membership at the lowest price of the year by copying the code “$TERAHAPPY202401” and opening up the TeraBox app when prompted. Additionally, users on the app can participate in other lucky draw events for a chance to win surprise gifts from TeraBox.

About TeraBox

TeraBox, powered by Flextech Inc. in Japan, is a leading global cloud storage solution. With its Tokyo headquarters, TeraBox proudly serves over 250 million users globally, providing a simple yet powerful way to store and manage data. Offering a generous 1TB of free storage, TeraBox ensures your files are safe and accessible anywhere. Download the TeraBox App on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, or visit for online access. For more updates, follow TeraBox on YouTube.

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