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The Most Anticipated News At The End Of 2023 For Laser Engraving Enthusiastic

CHICAGO, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One of the highlights of the anticipated news at the end of 2023 for laser engraving enthusiasts is the Holiday Final Event hosted by Monport Laser. After hard work and development over the past year, Monport Laser has emerged as a prominent supplier of top-notch laser engraving machines. As a token of gratitude towards their loyal user base, Monport Laser organized a special event offering attractive pricing options. With this initiative, Monport Laser aims to provide enthusiasts an ideal opportunity to kickstart their laser-cutting journey in the new year with the perfect equipment, all at affordable prices.

Monport Holiday Final Event
Monport Holiday Final Event

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As part of the Monport Laser Holiday Final Sale, customers have the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money, with potential savings of up to $2200. The event encompasses an extensive range of laser-cutting machines and accessories. Customers can take advantage of a direct discount of up to 27% on all laser engraving machines, with the opportunity to further maximize their savings by entering designated coupon codes at checkout. Additionally, there is a generous 20% discount offered specifically on selected laser engraving accessories. As an added treat, customers can also receive complimentary holiday gifts for their purchases.

Maximize Precision and Productivity with Monport’s 40W Pro Laser Bundle

Looking for the ultimate laser engraving bundle that packs a powerful punch? Look no further than the Monport 40W Pro Lightburn-supported CO2 laser engraver, complete with a CW3000 Water Cooling System. A star product of this Monport Laser Holiday sale, this advanced bundle is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, precision, and productivity. In addition to its compatibility with the popular Lightburn and Laser GRBL software, it features built-in Air Assist technology that ensures superior clarity and eliminates unsightly wood discoloration. The bundle also features an expansive 8″x 12″ flat work table with an innovative clamping design, making it perfect for a diverse range of design ventures.

The CW3000 Water Cooling System is an integral component of the Monport 40W Pro laser engraving bundle. Designed to ensure optimal temperature control, this innovative cooling system prevents the laser engraver from overheating during operation. Maintaining a stable temperature, not only protects the internal components of the machine but also extends its lifespan, ensuring long-lasting performance. Enhance productivity to the next level with the Monport 40W Pro and CW3000 Water Cooling System bundle. Originally priced at $879.99, the bundle is now available for just $679.99 at checkout by using the coupon code K70. This discount of $200 presents an excellent opportunity for customers to invest in this exceptional bundle.

Click here to learn more about Monport Laser Holiday Final Sale coupon codes that work on different machines and save up to $800.

Elevate Your Engraving Projects on Monport Premium Laser Engraving Accessories

Customers can take advantage of the 20% discount on specified laser engraving accessories currently on offer by Monport. These accessories include Monport fume extractors, fiber laser rotary attachments, CO2 laser rotary attachments, new field lenses, etc.

Monport fume extractors effectively remove smoke, dust, and fumes generated during engraving, resulting in cleaner and healthier working environments. Fiber laser rotary attachments allow for precise engraving on cylindrical and curved objects, expanding customers’ engraving capabilities. CO2 laser rotary attachments provide similar functionality as fiber laser rotary attachments but are specifically tailored to CO2 laser engraving machines. Customers can achieve professional-level results on a wide range of materials. New field lenses enhance the focus and clarity of the laser beam, leading to sharper and more detailed engravings. The 20% discount makes it an excellent time for customers to upgrade and improve engraving results.

Exclusive Freebies with Laser Engraver and Cutter Purchases

As part of Monport’s exclusive Holiday Final promotions, customers can enjoy exciting freebies when they purchase specific laser engravers and cutters. Here are the details:

Purchase an 80W or 100W CO2 laser engraver or a Split Fiber Laser engraver and receive a complimentary Lightburn License Key. Lightburn is a powerful software that enhances the engraving experience, providing advanced features and precise control over the laser engraver. This free license key adds incredible value to your purchase, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your chosen engraving machine.

For those opting for a 130W or 150W CO2 laser engraving machine, Monport is offering a free Water Chiller. The Water Chiller ensures optimal cooling and temperature regulation for the laser tube, enhancing the longevity and performance of your engraving machine. By providing this valuable accessory at no additional cost, Monport aims to provide customers with a seamless and hassle-free engraving experience.

Customers purchasing a GP or GI fiber laser cutter will enjoy additional perks. Monport is offering complimentary materials and Goggles with every purchase of these fiber laser cutters. These essential accessories allow for safe and efficient laser cutting, protecting your eyes and providing the necessary materials to get started right away. With these freebies, customers can dive into their laser-cutting projects with confidence and convenience.

Join the Final Holiday Event and experience the satisfaction of creating top-notch engravings with Monport’s cutting-edge laser engraving accessories. Elevate your craftsmanship, expand your capabilities, and embrace the joy of superior engraving results.

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