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The Travel Sentry® Red Diamond is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — John Vermilye, founder of Travel Sentry and the creator of the Travel Sentry Approved lock, worked with the industry to establish a standards-based system that permits passengers to securely lock their bags yet enables the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) a safe, efficient, and damage-free inspection. As a result, Travel Sentry made possible a new era of airport baggage screening, creating standards to solve issues in travel security. This year, Travel Sentry celebrates its 20th Anniversary.


The Travel Sentry System was first implemented in all US airports in 2003 and is now in over 750 airports globally, in 68 countries and used by over 2 billion passengers worldwide.

When a passenger has checked in their luggage with airline staff, it is passed to an underground facility where the luggage is screened before it is loaded onto the plane. When scanned, if there are unresolved issues, the luggage is automatically diverted to a manual screening position. At any airport using the Travel Sentry system, bags with a Travel Sentry TSA lock can be opened with secure tools by security agents, relocked, and sent on their way without delay. These standards, therefore, solve issues for airlines, airports, security agencies, the travelling public and over 50% of global passenger traffic.

Travel Sentry works with lock manufacturers, luggage manufacturers and brands worldwide, and its expertise offers solutions to over 1000 licensees. The Travel Sentry Red Diamond adds quality to these products. In Travel Sentry’s 20 years, over one billion products worldwide have been equipped with its Red Diamond. Consumers continually trust Travel Sentry because they know the company will stay true to its founding promise of “Safe Inspection, No Damage”. The Red Diamond remains a global symbol of trust and quality.

The Travel Sentry team has hundreds of years of combined aviation and travel experience. Keeping this in mind, we initiated the first-ever product awards, where the team nominated the products, and the public voted for them. The awards acknowledged the industry’s quality, innovation, product design, and customer service.

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, Travel Sentry will use its central position to introduce solutions to problems such as lost luggage and improved baggage tracking and handling by airlines while implementing the system in more countries and giving travellers the best experience wherever they travel.

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