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The World Internet of Things Convention 2023 Kicked off in China, the UN Secretary-General Sent the Message to the Convention

BEIJING, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World Internet of Things Convention 2023, the eighth edition of annual conference hosted by the international organization “World Internet of Things Convention”, was recently held in Beijing.

In his message to the World Internet of Things Convention, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, “In an interconnected world, your theme ‘New Internet of Things, New Economy, New Erais a testament to the power of digital technologies.” “The internet of Things is reshaping industries and driving social-economic changes around the globe. Through the real-time data sharing and networking of information, IoT applications across transportation, agriculture, energy and healthcare are improving quality of life and can advance the Sustainable Development Goals,” he mentioned.

Mr. HE Xuming, Chairman of the WIOTC Executive Committee, observed that the communications network of 5G carrying IoT will move towards the development direction of 6G, starlink network, quantum and photon transmission. The output size of world’s digital economy registered 2 billion US dollars in 2023. Global IoT connections are projected to grow by over 20 percent, likely to surpass 18 billion in number this year. By 2030, the amount of such connections is estimated to exceed 80 billion. China is leading in sustainable development of IoT infrastructure construction and digital economy, with the total number of 5G base stations topping 3.2 million this year and the IoT connections surging nearly 30 percent to outnumber 2.3 billion. The IoT-fueled digital economic industrialization is set to usher in a new world social-economic landscape.

Besides the Opening Ceremony, the event also consisted of Ambassador Forum, World New Economic Forum, International Cooperation Forum and ten plus parallel sessions on industry, agriculture, energy, AI, transportation, healthcare, etc, followed by the founding of dozens of global industrial commissions involving multiple sectors. Government officials from various countries and international organization leaders from ISO, IEC, ITU and WFEO respectively spoke at the international convention, which has attracted government officials, diplomatic envoys and corporate representatives from nearly 50 countries. The conference boasted more than 2000 participants on site and 40 million attendees online. The organization also issued the initiative “Build the Intelligently Interconnected Global Market of Digital Economy” at the convention.

This year’s convention calls for nations to seek open cooperation while working together to build a smart world which is fully interconnected.

Media Contact: Peijuan Wu,