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Tianjin’s Youthful Energy Sparks Citywide Revival

TIANJIN, China, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from China Daily:

Tianjin, a city in North China, is undergoing a dynamic transformation driven by its vibrant young people. China Daily Potside Chats hosts, Nathan and Stephanie, recently explored the city’s cutting-edge developments led by the younger generation.

A symbol of Tianjin’s commitment to a sustainable future is the Yujiapu Innovation Charging Station, launched in July 2023. With 77 car ports and an avant-garde canopy design incorporating 400 solar panels, the station generates approximately 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity daily.

The charging robot undergoes replenishment at the Yujiapu Innovation Charging Station.
The charging robot undergoes replenishment at the Yujiapu Innovation Charging Station.

“In the future, new energy vehicles interacting with our charging station can serve not only as a means of transportation but also as a portable charger, a large-scale mobile battery for daily life,” said Li Shaoxiong, a marketing engineer at the Binhai branch under the State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company.

Medical Breakthroughs

Having accomplished over 8,000 successful robotic surgeries since 2016, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital leads the way in healthcare breakthroughs by utilizing da Vinci robotic surgical systems.

Dr Gong Lei, a practitioner and instructor at the hospital’s clinical training center, imparts specialized robotic-assisted training to doctors nationwide. “Doctors trained in our center must perform over 30 demonstration operations to qualify for a license,” said Gong.

Smart Ports and Logistics

The Second Container Terminal at Tianjin Port, operational since 2021, is the world’s first smart zero-carbon terminal. Using wind turbines and solar energy, it reduces carbon emissions by about 75,000 tons annually. The terminal is also undergoing a smart logistics revolution, employing Artificial Intelligence Robots of Transportation (ARTs).

Wang Tong, an engineer at this terminal, highlights their intelligent system calculating optimal routes. “It significantly reduces the delivery time of containers, thereby enhancing efficiency in our terminal,” said Wang Tong.

Moaaz Awan, a PhD candidate in Engineering at Tianjin University, expressed his enthusiasm for the cutting-edge technologies in Tianjin during Potside Chats. “Tianjin is a fascinating place to study due to the many new technologies being piloted here. I aspire to introduce them to my hometown in Pakistan.”

Tianjin’s youth seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, shaping the city into a dynamic hub for innovation and sustainability. This commitment propels Tianjin into a new era, enhancing its global reputation as a city embracing the future.