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UniLayer Network Unveils Cutting-Edge Omnichain Technology Supporting BRC-20 Token Standard and Ordinals

SINGAPORE, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UniLayer is making waves as the omnichain, layer-1 network of the future, facilitating universal interoperability on chain. UniLayer’s testnet, which went online in September, was a resounding success, and anticipation is growing for UniLayer’s upcoming mainnet launch, scheduled for January 10th, 2024.

UniLayer Network Unveils Cutting-Edge Omnichain Technology Supporting BRC-20 Token Standard and Ordinals
UniLayer Network Unveils Cutting-Edge Omnichain Technology Supporting BRC-20 Token Standard and Ordinals

UniLayer’s Bitcoin Integration: Embracing the BRC-20 Token Standard and Ordinals

UniLayer’s first priority post-mainnet is to implement its groundbreaking Bitcoin integration, with scheduled integrations of all major networks to follow. UniLayer’s Bitcoin integration holds a special significance, since the BRC-20 token standard and Bitcoin ordinals are now facing significant opposition from core Bitcoin developers, who are ramping up efforts to “fix” the features that have allowed for the creation of ordinals.

UniLayer stands firm in its support for the BRC-20 token standard and continued innovation of legacy chains in the space.

CEO, Alex Belets recently posted a series of Tweets about UniLayer’s position on the BRC-20 token standard and ordinals:

“[UniLayer will] integrate and support BRC20 Ordinals… [and] embed these advancements at the very core of our system”.   

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UniLayer: A New Vision of Universal Interoperability

The UniLayer network embodies a new paradigm in interoperability, embracing the original, “on-chain ethos” of Bitcoin itself. In alignment with this, UniLayer will begin its multi-chain journey with the landmark integration of the Bitcoin network, the first in a series of legacy blockchain integrations.

Over the past year, Bitcoin has received renewed attention due to a significant technical innovation: the BRC-20 token standard, which has allowed for the creation of “Bitcoin NFTs”, or ordinals. Bitcoin ordinals are distinct from ERC-20 NFTs and NFTs on other chains in that they reside directly on the blockchain, and therefore inherit the immutability and security of the Bitcoin network itself. 

UniLayer is poised to not only support these exciting new advances, but enhance them, through an on-chain interoperability that extends their reach to all major blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Near Protocol. The UniLayer network was designed to serve as the infrastructural layer of the entire blockchain space, empowering the next generation of cross-chain DEXs, DeFi protocols, Web3 games, and other DApps, all benefiting from the highest standard of security, at high speeds and low costs.

Significantly, UniLayer allows for a single “Logix” smart contract to direct and coordinate contracts across multiple networks, greatly simplifying any interoperable DApp’s backend infrastructure, while providing high speed and security.

Also, UniLayer is the first UTXO chain to successfully integrate with MetaMask, a technical breakthrough that will allow for unprecedented cross-chain access to Uniswap and a great number of other popular DApps. It will allow for the seamless onboarding of millions to UniLayer’s interoperable infrastructure. 

Fundamentally, UniLayer envisions a blockchain space without borders, and the upcoming mainnet launch will turn that vision into a reality.

UniLayer’s Unstoppable Development Continues

As a tech-forward, tech-first project, UniLayer’s development has never ceased. Since the testnet launch, the team has been heads down, hard at work, refining and optimizing the network to best realize their uncompromising vision of on-chain interoperability.

Recent highlights include:

  • RPL Transactions on Consensus Level: An industry first, UniLayer is pioneering support for RPL transactions at the consensus layer, in BTC paradigm.
  • Performance Improvements and Stability Updates: The team has implemented a vast array of enhancements that significantly boost performance and ensure greater system stability.
  • Increased Denomination Precision: The UniLayer network has moved from the classic 1e-8 BTC denomination to the more refined 1e-18 of Ethereum. This was a complex task, necessitating a complete revamp of network serialization and security. It will enable the processing of micro-transactions, essential for high-frequency DeFi, DEXs, and gaming DApps.
  • MPC Support: Crucially, UniLayer has integrated Multi-Party Computation (MPC) support. This is a major stride towards interoperability, and elevates integrity, security, and autonomy across multiple networks.

The Future of Interoperability is On Chain

The interoperability space is enjoying a surge in growth, demonstrated by the advent of a multitude of multichain bridges, layer-0 networks, and interoperability protocols. Nevertheless, UniLayer stands alone with its unique, on-chain design: an architecture that unites blockchains natively on the physical level of nodes. UniLayer empowers existing nodes of disparate networks (Bitcoin, Ethereun, Solana) to serve a dual function: validating their original network’s transaction while also validating cross-chain transactions on the UniLayer network, gaining the capability of transacting on-chain with any other connected blockchain.

The UniLayer network was built to handle the most demanding B2B use cases, achieving speeds of up to 10,000 tps (transactions per second). Combined with industry-leading, low fees and its uniquely secure physical-level node architecture, UniLayer enjoys a substantial competitive advantage over other interoperability solutions in this rapidly-growing space.

UniLayer Surges Toward Mainnet Launch in Q1 2024

The UniLayer network is needed now more than ever. The inherent vulnerabilities of centralization, from collapsing exchanges to hacked bridges, demonstrate the urgent need for a fundamentally novel and secure solution to interoperability: a solution that resides purely on chain.

That’s what the UniLayer network will achieve.

As we approach mainnet launch on Q1 2024, we will be keeping the community regularly updated on every advance, and offer opportunities to our community members to get involved and benefit early from UniLayer’s entry in the space.

Excited times lay ahead!

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