Saturday, July 13, 2024

Unveiling Hong Kong’s First HKBN x OPPO Marvel Wi-Fi 6 Router Series

Hong Kong Broadband Network (“HKBN”) and OPPO have teamed up to introduce Hong Kong’s first Marvel Wi-Fi 6 router series. The series marries striking designs with functional technology, inspired by the beloved characters of Iron Man and Spider-Man, perfectly integrating home networking with the world of superheroes. In addition, a special edition variant themed around the iconic villain Thanos will be launched, with only 100 units exclusively available in Hong Kong (offered for selected customers to order; details will be announced soon). Marvel fans and collectors should not miss out!

Rex Hui, HKBN Co-Owner & Head of Product Development & Management, Residential Solutions, said, “Over the past two years, we have led the charge in driving Wi-Fi 6 via a range of router solutions from various brands. Through this collaboration with OPPO, we’ve transformed the mundane Wi-Fi router from an unsightly piece of equipment into a design showpiece worthy of being put on display.”

Jensen Jie, Director of Wireless Product Center at OPPO shared, “We are pleased to collaborate with HKBN. The OPPO Wi-Fi 6 router boasts exceptional design and performance, making it a perfect match for the distinctive characteristics of the three Marvel characters featured in this special series. Our designers have meticulously incorporated unique details into each design, and we believe they will be loved by Marvel fans.”

Superhero Design Integrated for the Home Network

The Marvel Wi-Fi 6 router series boasts eye-catching designs that captivate users. The Spider-Man version captures the essence of the iconic hero as he dynamically leaps from a backdrop of skyscrapers and winding road patterns on the antenna. Equally striking, the Iron Man version showcases the hero in mid-flight, symbolizing his emergence from the router with a sense of speed and impact. The Thanos version features powerful snap and celestial stone effects, a vivid expression of his immense powers. Perfect for home décor, these routers appeal to both Marvel fans and non-enthusiasts.

Advanced Technological Features

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the Marvel Wi-Fi 6 routers are equipped with advanced features such as Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh technology. With exceptional coverage capabilities, the routers effortlessly blanket the entire home with strong and reliable connectivity and are equipped with a 2.5G WAN interface, perfect for unleashing the power of 2000M broadband for everything from streaming and gaming to drama-binging – all at the same time.

2000M Upgrade + Marvel Router Bundle

New customers of HKBN who sign up for 1000M/2000M broadband service can now get a Marvel router by adding an extra $59/month to their plan ($99 for two routers). Meanwhile, existing customers of HKBN who upgrade to 2000M broadband service can get a Marvel router by adding an extra $40/month to their plan ($70 for two routers). By opting for the Marvel routers, customers will enjoy free on-site installation and 24/7 hotline support*. Available now only through HKBN and Shoppy, the Marvel routers will be available later in major retail stores. For more details about the Marvel Wi-Fi 6 router series, please visit