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USI Collaborates with Customer to Launch IP66-Rated Rugged Industrial Tablet, Meeting High Efficiency Demands for On-Site Work

SHANGHAI, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — USI (SSE: 601231) collaborates with a customer to launch a rugged industrial tablet with an IP66 rating, providing a reliable mobile solution for on-site professionals and line workers. This tablet has a 10-inch touch screen and barcode scanning functionality, featuring a robust and durable industrial design that enables exceptional performance in harsh working conditions. Additionally, the tablet incorporates WLAN and WWAN/5G wireless communication features, ensuring seamless connectivity in any scenario.

The development of this product benefited significantly from the outstanding product development services provided by USI. With over 20 years of experience in industrial specification product mechanical design, the company’s expertise spans 3D modelling, material selection, and customized design optimization tailored to customer specifications. The R&D team possesses various testing equipment for industrial specifications, including waterproofing, dust resistance, and impact durability assessments. Moreover, its dedicated team is familiar with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Thermal analysis, ensuring that the product passes relevant tests early in the design phase and is brought to market on time.

USI provides comprehensive support in the RF section, ranging from infrastructure design to performance optimization. The audio section covers board-side audio circuit design, system-side acoustic chamber design and simulation, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio tuning. In electronic engineering (EE), the company is responsible for product electronic circuit design, simulation of power and high-speed signals, PCB layout design, and the startup and failure analysis of PCBAs and systems. Additionally, in battery design, the company takes user-centric considerations to ensure the uninterrupted operation of scanning functions during battery replacement or device drops, guaranteeing the protection and smooth upload of information.

Baron Huang, Associate Director of the Research and Development Center at USI, said, “Throughout the development process, we faced various challenges in design and validation. While most products on the market achieve only IP65 certification, we needed to ensure that the 10-inch display met the IP66 protection and waterproofing challenges, passing the 1.5-meter drop test. As USI’s first IP66-rated rugged industrial tablet, we aimed to earn customers’ trust in the absence of precedents and ensure the successful delivery of outstanding results.”

This rugged industrial tablet is designed for on-site professionals’ and line workers’ use, providing high efficiency in vehicles, outdoor environments, or on-site workplaces. The combination of a rugged keyboard further enhances operational flexibility and convenience.

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