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BANGKOK, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Velo, one of the major players in the cryptocurrency trading and crypto-wallet world, is excited to introduce a new amazing update for Lightyear — a cutting-edge Web3 Trading Bot developed ingeniously by Velo Labs.

The all-new Lightyear Bot Dashboard is designed to streamline and simplify your trading experience. It is seamlessly integrated with popular wallet like MetaMask, and, notably, Velo’s very own Universe Wallet. This integration ensures a secure and user-friendly experience for all traders.

Velo’s commitment to delivering top-notch trading solutions is evident in the launch of its flagship Grid Trading Bot and Rebalancing Bot. Meticulously updated with users’ convenience in mind, Velo unveils an intuitive and user-friendly Bot Dashboard.

The newly updated Bot Dashboard is a game-changer, providing traders either novice or professional with an all-in-one platform to manage their portfolios and bots seamlessly. With a few clicks on the dashboard, users can effortlessly create their Grid or Rebalancing Bot (or both!), tailored to their specific risk tolerance and preferences.

But that’s not all! Setting up, tracking, managing, and stopping your bot has never been easier. Thanks to Velo’s streamlined interface, you can perform these actions without the hassle of navigating to different pages. In today’s fast-paced crypto trading ecosystem, Velo understands well the need for speed and efficiency.

Here are some glimpses of the freshly upgraded Bot Dashboard:

Lightyear Bot Presets Page -- source: Lightyear
Lightyear Bot Presets Page — source: Lightyear

Grid Trading Bot: Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, it operates on a sophisticated algorithm that automatically buys low and sells high within a predefined price range. This bot is ideal for capitalizing on market volatility, ensuring you remain profitable in varying market conditions.

Rebalancing Bot: Maintain the perfect balance in your portfolio with our Rebalancing Bot. It regularly adjusts your asset allocation to align with your set target, ensuring your investment strategy stays on course regardless of market movements. This bot is the key to a well-maintained, risk-adjusted portfolio.

For traders seeking more information or assistance, you can do so in Velo’s telegram at where their dedicated team members are ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.

About Velo:

As a global brand originating from Thailand, Velo takes the lead in the world of blockchain trading, offering a wide range of products tailored to diverse demographic segments, including individuals, novice and experienced traders, merchants, corporations, and businesses. With several significant products already in their portfolio and additional releases on the horizon, Velo is dedicated to its mission of bridging businesses with global funds and expanding accessibility for individuals worldwide.

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