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VIVOTEK’s Latest Sustainability Report Successfully Verified for the First Time under AA1000 Standards

Focus on AI for Collaborative Creation of a Safe and Sustainable City

TAIPEI, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VIVOTEK(3454-TW), the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, is at the forefront of sustainability in the surveillance industry. The company is enhancing stakeholder communication, and fostering Taiwan’s societal and corporate sustainability transition. The annual report, titled ‘Safe City, marching towards Sustainability,’ adheres to TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) recommendations, securing the first-time verification from the British Standards Institution and ensuring sustainability information aligns with AA1000 Assurance Standard. This marks a significant milestone in our sustainability commitment.

VIVOTEK's annual report, titled 'Safe City, Marching towards Sustainability,' securing the first-time verification from the British Standards Institution and ensuring sustainable
VIVOTEK’s annual report, titled ‘Safe City, Marching towards Sustainability,’ securing the first-time verification from the British Standards Institution and ensuring sustainable

“The 2022 Sustainability Report fully demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. This marks the sixth year of independently publishing our corporate sustainability report. We continue our efforts in the directions of environment, society, and corporate governance, successfully organizing the second year of the ‘Safety Map’ community engagement event. Integrating surveillance expertise with a commitment to the local community, we stay dedicated to sustainability concerns. Simultaneously, we will continue to innovate in AI security technology, integrating sustainability strategies and commitments, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading surveillance brand!” Allen Hsieh, VIVOTEK Spokesperson and Global Marketing Director stated.

The 2022 Sustainability Report fully demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.  The latest report focuses on three major dimensions: Environment, Society, and Governance, continuously deepening our sustainability impact.

E – Dedicate to Environmental Care
VIVOTEK is committed to addressing climate change, actively supporting the RE100 initiative, and concretely contributing to UN SDG13 Climate Action. Not only does our U.S. branch utilize solar energy, but we also purchase renewable energy certificates for wind, solar, and hydro sources. By the end of December 2022, we bought 1,101,176 kWh of green electricity and 683 renewable energy certificates, reducing carbon emissions by 560.5 tons. Successfully obtaining the ISO 14064-1:2018 statement for organizational greenhouse gas inventory, we extend this to our overseas branches, promoting intelligent manufacturing, improving production line efficiency, and meeting market demands for high-performance products.

S – Safety Map: 2022 Corporate Impact
Valuing work-life balance, VIVOTEK considers employees as partners in sustainable growth, providing travel allowances, salary adjustments, and incentive schemes, fostering a friendly working environment. In 2022, we successfully conducted the second-year ‘Safety Map’ series of corporate sustainability events. Cross-departmental teams engaged communities with over three thousand residents, visited an education and nursing institution for individuals with disabilities aged 18 to 65, and explored campuses known for their wooded landscapes. During these activities, we offered professional safety advice and contributed by donating network cameras. This innovative corporate volunteer service redefines safety considerations, integrating the brand’s caring spirit, using corporate expertise to enhance safety awareness, exerting social influence, and echoing UN SDGs.

G – Boost Corporate Sustainability Evaluation
VIVOTEK maintains a robust corporate governance system, strengthening board governance, implementing risk management policies, actively executing cybersecurity management, and further refining our green supply chain. In 2022, we received a level two rating in the corporate governance evaluation and a level one rating in the evaluation for small and medium-sized market capitalization. The company’s expertise in research and development propels ongoing advancements, unveiling a range of AI technologies, including cloud-based VSaaS VORTEX, contributing to a safer living environment.

VIVOTEK, driven by AI, leads sustainability through global renewable energy adoption and excellent corporate governance. Proactively involved in social engagement, we combine the brand’s caring spirit to strive for positive sustainability impact.

VIVOTEK “2022 Sustainability Report” is available for download at 

About VIVOTEK Inc.
VIVOTEK Inc. (TAIEX: 3454) was listed on the TWSE in 2011, and we have established offices in the U.S., Netherlands, India, Mexico, and Japan. As one of the world’s most trusted IP surveillance solutions provider, we deliver intelligent security, control, and management for a safer society.  With more than 20 years at the forefront of the industry, we’ve driven breakthroughs in R&D, and built a solid technological foundation for the industry. Via a global network of countries, we serve system integrators building intelligent solutions for end-users around the world. 

Founded in Taiwan in 2000, we are widely recognized for our expansive technical capabilities in imaging and audio, specializing in IP cameras, video management software, and edge based AI video analytics. In 2017, we joined the Delta Group, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, to serve as the security and intelligence core of Delta Building Automation Business. In 2021, we unveiled new branding in its transformation towards the IoT age, including logo, brand identity, and a new brand ethos under the slogan “We Get The Picture.” For more information, please visit