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Web3War®, The First-Person Shooter Game Created by Roll1ng Thund3rz and Powered By Zilliqa, to Launch $FPS Token

SINGAPORE, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz), the game studio specializing in the development of blockchain-powered entertainment products, officially announces the upcoming launch of the $FPS token for use in its flagship Web3War® title. The launch of $FPS will showcase the innovative approach taken to gaming by RTz and the unique capabilities of the Zilliqa blockchain for the development of Web3 gaming products.

Web3War® is the flagship title of Roll1ng Thund3rz and represents the fusion of high-octane gaming and blockchain innovation. As a multiplayer, free-to-play first-person shooter, Web3War® immerses players in a world where skill, strategy, and blockchain-based rewards converge. With its focus on seasonal content and high-quality gameplay, Web3War® elevates the player experience beyond the traditional gaming paradigms and demonstrates the next frontier for gaming underpinned by blockchain technology.

The introduction of the $FPS token in Web3War® represents a major enhancement to the gaming experience. Players can now use this blockchain-based token to purchase a variety of in-game items for Web3War®, including weapon blueprints, cosmetic skins, and more from within the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, which exist as tradeable NFTs secured by the Zilliqa blockchain.

The FPS token also unlocks access to exclusive Ranked Matches, where players can earn tokens using the Skill2Earn system developed by RTz which rewards skillful gameplay and winning players, adding an extra layer of excitement and reward to the game.

$FPS tokens will also be available for trading across various exchanges, allowing players the unique opportunity to monetize their gaming skills and achievements. This multifaceted approach to the $FPS token deepens player engagement and opens up new possibilities within Web3War® and the broader RTz ecosystem.

Details regarding the forthcoming sale of $FPS will be announced soon, including participating launchpads and exchanges involved in the initial release. Those interested in securing early access to sales should register with SORS Digital Assets for pre-approval.

To find out more and stay up to date about everything Web3War® and $FPS, follow the Web3War® X account, join its Discord or visit

About Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz)

Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz) is an integrated entertainment company that is part of the Zilliqa Group, building products for gamers, by gamers, using Web3 and blockchain technologies. With a focus on creating quality games and engaging experiences, Roll1ng Thund3rz is dedicated to advancing gaming by leveraging vanguard technologies to shape the future of the industry.


Web3War® (W3W) is the first-person shooter crafted by the industry-leading game developer Roll1ng Thund3rz and incubated by Zilliqa, the trailblazer in blockchain technology and the OG of Layer 1. W3W is a multiplayer, free-to-play, seasonal content-oriented, first-person shooter (FPS) that prioritises fun and high-quality gameplay above all else. The game has established close collaboration with tech giants Google and Microsoft, becoming the first blockchain game available on the Microsoft Store.

About Zilliqa Group

Zilliqa Group provides world-class Web3 and blockchain infrastructure as its core. The Group’s mission is to facilitate industries, governments, and entrepreneurs’ seamless transition into Web3 and the spatial web, delivering secure and sustainable solutions that drive the creation of immersive products and experiences.

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Sors Digital Assets is a Web 3.0 financial services and consulting platform for the digital asset industry. Founded by a mix of bankers, lawyers and technologists, Sors Digital Assets provides a one-stop destination for companies, institutions and funds to take advantage of the benefits of asset tokenization. Sors Digital Assets operates from Hong Kong for Asia and from Ireland for Europe.