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Wolffun Game’s Thetan Rivals announces Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season with attractive earning format

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thetan Rivals launches a Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season that welcomes all of the players from all over the world. The participants of this tournament will have plenty of chances to win great prizes in USDT or THG.

Why you should not miss Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season?  

Inspired by the famous series from Korea, Squid Game, Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season challenges the players to qualify a variety of stages in Thetan Rivals to earn the grand prize. Each player needs to have the best record to get the chance to win the biggest prize. Keep in mind that there will be only one champion.

Furthermore, the participants will get to experience other intriguing and unique activities and events.

Tournament’s Format – Play and be the fastest one

First, the players participate in the Qualification Stage to find out who will advance to the official stage. Once the players pass the Qualification Stage, there will be 9 stages with different maps and required Thenions for them to conquer. Each stage must be completed in the shortest time so the players can move to the next stage, their records will be shown in the leaderboard.

More importantly, the tournament is free to register.

Play Again – The key to be the champion

The players will have 2 free battles in each stage to find out where they are in the leaderboard. And if you are not satisfied with your record, the Play Again ticket is exactly what you need. Get it on Thetan World’s Marketplace to improve your records to get to the top of our leaderboard.

Vote Battle – The fate of the Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season lies in your hand

Once the tournament reaches a certain stage, the qualified players will have the chance to decide whether the tournament continues or stops. If the tournament is stopped, the prize will be divided equally by USDT or THG among the qualified players based on the rule.

If the tournament continues to the final stage, the prize will be awarded to the player having the best record. The total prize pool will be drawn from the revenue of Ticket sales on Thetan World’s Marketplace.

Other intriguing events – Chances to get gifts from Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season 

Besides the heated atmosphere of the tournament, the players also have many chances to win great prizes when taking part in such events:

Spin and Win: The players can spin the lucky wheel to have chances to get cool and unique items in-game or even more valuable ones. Once you join this event, the chance of winning is 100%. Additionally, a Play Again ticket on Thetan World’s Marketplace also comes with a chance to join Spin and Win. Don’t miss out on all the interesting prizes.

The Ultimate Prediction: This event only occurs at the final stage of the tournament. Eliminated players will have the opportunity to predict the tournament champion and win a special prize if they predict correctly, with no limit on the number of rounds or the number of people who can vote. Stay tuned for how the tournament will go and find out who will be the worthy champion. The total prize pool for those who predict correctly will increase as the number of predictions increases for this event.

Hints about the Special Event

Stay tuned for the imminent tournament kickoff. Meanwhile, prepare yourself by joining the prelude at Thetan Rivals

Get ready for the Rivals Tournament: Pre-Season —an arena where anticipation meets action.

About Thetan Rivals

Thetan Rivals is a battle royale game where players will participate in several challenges where their main objective is to be the last man standing. Aiming at a gaming experience for both casual and hardcore gamers, the global public is welcome to join in the fun to level up their gaming skills like never before and start exploring the massive world of GameFi.

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